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Why Salt Is Healthful

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time imifinj' it has been known that vvithnut salt men woiild misernbly perisb; and nmonj flie horrible punlghmenti ent'iilitii certüin deatli, that of feeding culprits on jiillless foftd is s.iid to bava pre vnileil ti barbarous limes. Miggot- and ! onrrup'inn ure cipolíen f by gojí wrilari ;s the symtoirs wniíjíi s.iltless fnod enffendorg; bu' un nneient nr un (hwicul iti'idern errnid explaín how suoh RiifFcrinpjs irose. Now we kimw why 'lio n'iim-il emvps sil t. why f. suffers disrom fort, and -!iy it ultim)fe!v fnlls inro digeasi! if' snl'. is fyf a time withlield. Upw;irrj of lmlf the ulitis uiitter of tbo bln.)d- pr"(y scvon por cent - eoi)3Ís's of rominot) Riíjt nhii as tbis is prtrtly ü s qW-jrpd evory dny thro'iffli tbo skm aiid kiilncvs, 'be nPoesRÍtv of er)"tinucd suprlips oí if tn thfl IiPalHu' b'idv becoines tinffieiently obvimis. Tbc liile ilsn con(lins poijij :ig ; pppci;il mid indispeis:ible C'iiiBtti]''nt. and ai do :ll ttin e irti'üL'uS of tho body. Stin' the snpply of s:i 1 1 tbcrefore, nnd ncilher wül íbe büe ha nbla ■ properly to iiusisf tli" distiop, n'or thü ourtilnüfM to be built up íiüíii -ís f-ist as íhey imturally wastí -Prnf Johnson. iW profufiity nad poiiitsooES


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