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RIS DON & HEN DERSOx ESívsro tls.o I3UCK.BYE3 GRAIIM DRILL, nr.d ■ Gra?s Sccd Sower, Manufactured al Spring field, OLio. 'plIE VI'liY LATEST IWPROVEMENT, a:id b9tir tlian i all utliers; adaptad to sowing Wheii Kyo, Oats, 3arley and Grasa Seed . Ist. It has a Rotary Feeder;. 2c?. Wül sow all kinds of O rain ! and Grass Seed. 3d. Never bunches the Grain 4tth. Never breaks the Grain. 5th. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindthe Drill. 6A. Has high, wlieels atid long Hoes. Ith. Sas long and wide steel jtoints. Sth. 1} has a land' meaaure or &Urvnyor. 9tA. It has doublé and single rank drills. lQth. It has a self adjusting shut off slide. It is neatly and substantially made. There is banllv a Drill oüorpdin the inarket but can boast of more or less FIRST PREMIUMS." They nre aboutas bestowed as tho tïtle ! of "Professor," which i cmetimes Applied to fcbé '■ ftddUi"fi ov '' bootblach." Tijey ceuse to convey the The BuckèyèlJr1 ia3 betón on Exhibition at quite íi nurabcr af State and fo-nty Fair, -md witboat wraking favor at tbe hands of nuf Committee, hua received iU full sharo of Piomiiima. TESTIMOKIALS : Wc glv-e tbe fullowmg Darnos of a few Farmers in tha vlcinity wjo havo bought and uaed theBuckyyelJrill : Gudrre,y Miller, Sclo. .'acb Polberau? " J;if;ob Tremper, ( Thomas White, Korthflüld. John Brokaw, " Clitisti;tn Kapp, . ' Edwird Boyden, Wobater. Jiimos ïroadwoil, AnnArbor, DiiïiiolU'üara, " " JohnG. Coöfc, Lodt. O. A. Maxshail, ( L. Ëdmon e, Saline. George Crop'sey, Grien Oak, Liv. Co. ïïu are also Agonía for the Ohio Heaper 8e. Mower, acknowledged te be the very best in iiio, "We are just in receipt of 100 Grain Oradles Whïch wc will sell Ciieap. Also alargGasnrtment o G-rass And the largest and best selected steek of BEISTT STUFF s' FOR CARRIAGE9 ever before offered in ifiis market. 3 We aiao keep-a largo and full " NAILS, GLASS, FÜTTY, PAJNT. anl LIMSEED OIL. ■ A complete assortiuvut of STOYES, TINWAEE, ' AND EAVE TROCGlISa'.-.vays on band and put up attho phortost Dotiqe. ' KISDON & ETENDEnPON Ann Arbor, June 2t'n .162. föfltf O. 3ES JLb I S Si WohM take this method of infonóing' bis ol 1 friendo an-1 patroos and all others -nao may favor h;m vvith patronage, tbat be has greatly eularged hla J5tück and Assorttncut! , and baving adupted the , CASH SYSTEM BOTO IS BUYING & SBLLING a préparefl (o sell nt qaohI"1 Ijlo ï'riCCS, U's stock cunslsts m pni1 ui the CoUowing; tj-j, AMERICAN" AND OTIIl K i (ir%v Watches, 1 Élllfc " -2 T1'e Celebrated BETHTHOMAS ; UL(CKS! Fine Jewelry Setis ! GOLD CITAINS, TABLE AND POCKET CüTLERY ! Fazcrs, Phear. Rctssors aml Priipbe, ERS PLATED.WAEE, the bost in -narket Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Peneils, PAFER and KNVÉLOPES, , Musical Instruments, Sringt: Sf Boohs for Instruments, SPBCT a.öI,I3S, of Gold, Sllver, Steel, and Plaied, loitk PERÍSCOPIC GLASS, t a superior aríicle Forsnns haring difflcult watclies to fit with glasa. s ca:i f'f ccomodtttedi as my stock is iargy aüt' com. p'ete. 3 P. íí. Pnríicalar aLícTjtion to thö ' of all kimU of fine Watclies, miflfa as ) Making and Setting tiew Jcwels, Pènitmê, Srnjfst atfl Cyllndert t CLOCKS, Ss TE-VEXiTt-Snen'i;.- tvpalreii and war-antod, at hii !u Btandest sjdeof Uuin i-ti-ett. G; BLISS. . Ann 4ihov, N'ov. T5, 18C2 gaftl Howard Assnciatió1, riilLADELPÍ-IIA. F.irtht rtHtf of ike Stek and Distrcsfccd,,: w'f, Vnn!tn and C'inmir Diteases, and típtcúülvfar tht i CrtrcofDti:ntcsnfilieScxnrl Or MEUICAL ADVlCü giveo gratis, bj' the Aothw %atieon . ; VAl,CABIiEREPORTB,pn ?iienrraJorr}ioea,irniJ ntbirDe!t-es of tita Sexual Organs'and on tbf NKW RË)(1 Jili-.-: i mjiiaif i in the Ditpuftiary , sent iüi envelni'es, free ofohfi' ■ thre l i postagfiaccoptable. Aflc'ros. Dr. J. EKILLJN h'ÜL'GU.TQN, Howard Aisocia'tloi


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