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The Boston Courier publishes the following profoundly interesting and affectingcorrespondence, communicated to it by a valued friend : IXTRODUCTORY LETTER. Mr Dear Sir - The following correi,pondence between Gen. McCIellan and Bishop Whipple, of Minnesota, took place immediately after the battle of Antictam. The Bishop, who had known the General for years, allowed me to take a copy of the correspondence, but not for publication. Since the removal of Gen. McClellan, however, there would seem to be no impropriety in the publication, and possibly it may throw sorae light upon the secrót of his power over the army, gaining their love and inspiring their confide nee. Yours, etc , . J. A. B. ITeADQUARTERS Al'.MV OF POTOMAC, Mv Dear Bishop - Will you do me the favor to perform divine service in my camp this eveuing ? If yon can give me a couple of houra notice I shal! be glad of it, that I may be able to inform the corps in the vicinity. After the great success that God has vouchsafed us I fee] that wecannot do less than avail ourselves of the rsi opportunity to render to Him thnnks that are due lo Him alone. 1, for one, fee! that the great result is the result of His great mercy, and would be glad that you should be the medium to ofler the thanks I fcel due trom this army and from the country. Earnestly hoping you will accede to my request, I am, very respectlully, your humble servant, GEO. B.McCLELLAN, Major General Cominanding. Frederiük, Sept. 27, 1862. My Dear General - I have ppent the day in visiting your bravo bovs who are in the hospital Iiere. I bad the privilege to visit the wayside hospilals between here and the camps. I am sure it will gladden your heart, as it did my own, to see the great love they have lor you. When T told them how tenderly you had spoken of them, and how you knelt with me in prayer for God's blessing upon them, manv a ' brave fellow wept for joy, and rn every side I heard ' God biess the General," while here and there some veteran olaimed the privilege to Hay " God bless Little Mac." I had the opportunity to commend some dying men to God, and to whisper theSaviour's name ia their ear ior the last If I did not fear oi Wöerj-ing you I could write an hour, telling you of words of loving confidence spuken bv thes brave sufferers who have been , with you in good and evil report. I will not. But I cannot close "without telling you how -weet is the remembrance of the pleasant service held in your camp, nor to ansure you that it is a pleasure every day to "ask God to bless you. Your way is rough. Many do not know you. Many aro jealous of your èuecess. Many will try to fetter yon. But let no'cloud above or thorn beneath tmuble you. - Above you is God our Fathe:-,Christ our Savionr, the Holy Ghost our Comforter. God will hear our pravers. It may be a weary, foot-sore wav, but there is light beyond. Gud bless yotj. I am, with love, r Your servant. for flhrist's satn


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