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A Pertinent Question

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oí the pleasant city of Jilrns, has been noted formany yearsfor aiways driving the most gentío and most sober, but at the sumo time the rnost fearfully "homely'1 oí horses. His steeds will abvays stand wherever he pleases to leave them, but they havo rather a venerable and woeful aspect, that rcnders them anything but pleasant objects to the casual observer. A few yeara igo there ca me a caravan to tho town, and several horses vvero badly lrightened by tho elephants, so that a numbor of accidents occurred. A day or two after, Dr. Knight met Dr. H , and speaking of the accident, Dr. Kniglit remarked that he dared not take his horso out wben tho procession was passing through the streets. 'v0h, ho!" enid Dr. H , "Why, I took my mare and drove right up aloDg side of them, and sbe vvasn't the least bit scared I" "Hum - yes, says Dr. Kniht, "ui hou; dirl the ehph-int si and il?''' The question though pertinent was hardly complimentary to the Doctor's "beaet."


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