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DR. RADWAÏ'S PILLS. . MEWLY DISCOVERED PñINCIPLES IN PURGATION ER. RAnWAY'3 PILLS ARËT1IE BEST PURGATIVÏ 'illn iu tlio WurlJ, iuiU üio ouly Vegetable ïubstituu or Ca omul or Mer uvy evor discovcred. CoDipusrd of VegetabJe tJxiracts ofGunu, Plant, ïltilxs, líoot i nud l('lowcts, 'l'lu'V .''irgo - e - l'urify - Heul - áootlip - Calía- Suvugtlieu - InVtgoratfi - and Kegulalo tbe irysieua. 1JV SUnOEJV ÊTTiCKS OF INFLAMMAT10N OF THE BOWELS. BIL1OUS CUOLIC. B1LIOUÖ FEVELl. ERYSlPELAS, C0XGKST1VE FE VER, S.UALL POX, MEASLES, SCAKLET KEVER, SIS SO EICIIÜ FILLS Will purge the disea-e frorn the syatem iu six hoürs. If seizofl wit'n öHiier of the a)ove-named dlsoaes, let ix or vigbt if Dr. Bftdway's P1LL8 be taken ut onco. Th s single dose w;ll carry the pitient out of danser. 'li'.-ir couti.iuel U3'ï, iu smaller üosos, will work a cure. COATED WITH GUM, They aro pleasftnt to take. They opérate pleasantly, naurally, aud thoroughly Every ihat id tik en tm)arts 'strenpth to tho cafes oled systcm. Being perfect nirgallvvs they do not leavc the bowels costive,or tlio paieni loetik. ONE OR TWO OF DR. BADWAY'S PILLS Will secure a good appotite and healthy digC3Üon. TO THOSE WHO TAKE PlIXS, iR. EADWAY'S PlI.LS will bc foundan improvementoa ill purgativo or eatbarüo pilla in uso. O. ie or two pilU rlll bc found suffleient to keep iho bowels regular ; and n cases whcre a briskoperation i desired, SIX to E1GHT A-M in six hours thoroughly purge. ONE TO SIX BOXES WiLL CURE COSTIVENESS, DYSPEPSIA, CON3TIPAT10N, MKASLES. CONOESTION, MELANCHOLY, HEART DISEASE3, HYSTERICS, DISEASES OF KIDNEY AMENORIIHCEA, AND J3LADDER., FAINTINO, DISEASES OF LIVEP, DIZZINESS, B1LIOUSNES3, RUSH OF BLOOD T(J TYPHUS FEVER, THE HEAD, SHIP FEVER, OBSTRUCTIONS, MALIGNANT FEVER, ItETENTION OF ÜKINB LOSS OF APPET1TE, DROPSY, INDIGESTIÓN, ACUTE ERYSIPELAS, INFLAMMATION, HEADACIIE, PALPITATIONS, BAD BREATH, SCARLET FEVER, INFLAMMATION OF BILIOUS FEVER, THE INTESTINES, JAUNDICE, APOPLEXY, CONGESTIVE FEVER, ENLARGEMENT OF SLEEPLES3NESS, THE SPEEN, OENEPAL DEBFLITY, SCURVY, DIMNESS OF S1GHT, WHOOPING COUOH, FITS, W0R1IS, LOWNESS OF SPIRITS, BAD DREAMS, QUJNSEY, TLEURISY, Aa nlso all Comj)lalntsr of Womcn, auch as Hysterla, Ijeiicurrlióea or Wlilles, Wenken" Ing Discharges, ChloiOsla, Irrigularltleg, SppiB8lou r the Mtiiss. Iiiflammatloii of tile VVoiul or Bladder, DifHcult Menstruatlon,ana ail othor Diseasea or Cninplalnla produoed by eïcessivc di.-íchargoí or suppressiun of tlio Menses. Ijirties who desiro to avoid the sntforiQgs and inconvenionces of theso irregularities, or organlo obitrucflona, shwild not omit to re,mlato their systema by me:in3 ofono o ■■ two olRAD A AY'S PII.L9. once or twioa a week, aml thm bo froe from the muy aud Rreat iucouveuiísíws to which ludios aro geuerally subject. Wt-iUtí FAC1S. DOCTOR RADWAY invites tlie attention of the intelllgei;L reader to ttiu facts her ] letl, Kliou-ing tha hiiperiorily of hi.-i PíL'.S.aí purgativos, ovur all other pilis or purgativo modiciueá ia uóo. THEIR GREA.T COMBINATIONSThfiy ate Apertent, Tonic,Lix;tive. A.t rative, StiuiaJaut, CouQter Irritant, üuüoriüc. AS EVACUaNTS, Tliey are more cortan and Ihorounh thaa tho Dratio Pilis of Aloe-i, or Croron au 1 Uarltïm.Oil, or LJaterium ; and more Bootbiog and beaÜDg than Soriu:i, or Khubarb , or Tamaiiudii, or Ciistor Oil. AS ALTKRATIVKS, They eserciso a more poyre ful intii.-nce ovor tlie livor an i lts secreüoos than caloinel, mercury, bUiepill, henee tbeir impci! tiuice in otes of UrorCoinplainta and Spleen Diffieuitiei, Jauudice, Dyapepsrta, Biiious Attacks, Headacho,&c. In tbe treatmeut of Kevers, eitht-r Biliou-, Yeilow, Typlioid, ann other rMuci g Fuver-i, they are superior to quinino Ttieir influcneo extendd over tbö eütir"O systcn, coiitroHrig, strengttieuing, and bracinr up the relaxed and wastiDg epergles, nnü regittatl g all the secret iou.-i to the natural performance of their dutle . cleansing and purif'yiug tbc; blooii.aini purgiug trojx the system all dlseased deposite and Impare hu:ajrs. TIïE CAUSE OP PILES. A targe doso of no Drastic PilLs rlll, by irritalin;; tha mueous membrane, pro luco a vlelent expulsión oC ilw contents in tho b-welá, hut in so duiug otber secrctiuiií aro suspended. Iu such c;tseá, the siouU wiH ba fuuud to be lighL-colored and w itery ,and attendcd with cramis , grlplng patas, nausea, slcUness. By t ii inereased annaturat actinn of the b wels. tho KeCrettond of tho kictHeya aml pancreas aredimini3b.eü,folUwel by affbctioiu of the kidneys, bladder, u.eüira, piles, tenesmo, geuoral projtration, cüsüvencis, and iuüigestioa. Why Eadway's Pilis Cure Small Pox. In tómali Po, Sooriot Fttver, Ërysipoiaa, Vellow,Typlioii and other ve&udng Fccern, ruuuAiio.v is hiphltj essen'ial. líut to admiuister a doae ot Drasnc Piluj tbt irritation they woulii prodaoe un the leUxaiion and depletion that wcuM follnw, would bo lifcely to jrovo 1 fatal. If physxians, in thöje cases, would give KAfWAY'S PIL1Ü, they wuld ahviy-ï cure their jjatientH. Iu theso dise;ises a mild, snnthinr}. healiiift and gmitly stimnlatins; laxiiive la icqu.rod, vruich ló sccarud by AÜffAY'd l'ILLS. Why Imperfect Pilis Gripe. , The causo of griping, Dausoa, slckuoe.1, tfiiesmu an l r deb.hty, that 6 IndunQu by a rtuae uf drastic pilis, is owhi% to tbvir ItaporfttCt oporaÜoD If hefuceex} the di.fe.ased humors, left circu lating in the Bystem, wero ex' pello .; by ttioao pill.s, there WoutU bo but bule pain or t griping. It i th ahnenoe of ihe bilo and other humor-i which the impi-rfcct pi i 13 fa il t pvrM out f tho sy.stera1 that occ isiinis ttie pain. lïy aXarntúTug tlie WtoU 8O" uated aftor aevore griping tney will bo f.und thin aud f watery. THE T-RTJE PILLS TO TAKE The ony safe to tak e ara Dr. R nhvay's, becau-e they iro tho only ptltn that soouru pmvuti 11 without dplüiiou, and uxpt-1 disea.sed humord from the ByteiO. CASE 07 DY3PEP3IA CUSED. For many ynars I have ben affltoted wiüi onr national oomplaitu, cutiei Dy.-ipcp-ii 1- m.' suLTorta4 lia%-a b-'en a oonstaut buoooBjííou l horro.'s. I hivo .spont ► tbousaadkof dolbrs wiib tkie bojpofM renüzuiíf a Mulo oomfort and tr.üiquilllty. All tno lioali-m failel to relieve me, until I oommoDoed to aot up m Üio julicioma aiiv.cft yougavo uvi on tliu 6th of April, 185S. And now, aflar 116Í&H your Pilis, 1 feol liko u liftW nvtn. íiod b iñs you,and may thU letter indtici! other suih'ri'ig victim 1 tu thi ,, BfiQUrnOi uialady, to try the étwia 1 m '-ih. Yuura fc(Tttitly, v rARPBXTEItrARrKNTKrïvu.LR, N'. .7. , April 16th, 15Ü. 1 Messrs. Jxadway é Co.} A". 1'. - ity. Letter from Dr. Salmón Sklnïisr.Nkw Vuhk, J.uiuaiy, IWO; Dr. Iï.adr.a ir {■ Co : I h ive, duriiig me k ftiUi" vwirs, uPd jir remo died, and huvo reoo i-.mculoit tlu-in uj utii.-rs fur TV mm CuMPiAivw, Iniuüksii ix, Ihspii' M, Ac. t cobíctor tho Ready Belief an i Ktutall (s I'ÜU nu.-tpialed Tho HkU lating Hita arorailU iu llwtf uperat;uu.i uud thoruuglily ellectivo. Tlie Ilrst doo shnil.l bc larRO etiOiRh t piirir, s-iv four or flve, and pach succetwive 'loso bo ilíniií-botí iii y pi I, until iv.1imv f OüO, :Y MlPfl ir..'-t(ol owr.V tl:, tve a week or leu davs. A portu-tneut ou (. will suiny iblluw, VouTB. fi:ü., 'fl ÜR S. SSÏXN'ERl i !; RndvrnyK Plils nrc snlfï íiy DrC Rlsis mul Sioi- IC opeis Ssi general Karl Box cotitains 30 PUls. Piicti &3 fis. ï: Tïor. For Sale by BTEBBINS& WILSON -Attention Company! , frHK ñrm ot" Moore í; Looraís, are now cloBtng out ■ tlieir baolnfisit int 'is city 'nnd all those indtbtod to the firm, e-ither by note or book account, htc repwi' fiilly invited tovall an'i spttln lbo BBide iranitx-lïately and save cost. "ï9"' Aflar the lOth, inst.. the bonkn and accounts of said Urm will be left wifh Mr. W. B"" i'olc, one door n r'h of Mosstr. "'choff ie. Miïlr' Bonkstore, Franklin Biock, wbu jg duly authorfccfJ fo ticttle tliö eamo. MOORE .V ÏOOM1. Anu Arbnr, Jan. "th, 1P53. fcWtí


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