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Rivers Are Like Men

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All river3. small or large, agree in one oharaeteristio ; they like to lean a little on oiiH side; tliey can not bear to have their ehannels deepest in the middle, but will lways, if they can, have one bank to sun tliemselves upnn, and another to get cool under; one shingly ahore to play over, where they may be shallow, and sht'i-e foolish, and ehüd-Iike ; another steep, under which they ean pause. and purify theiuselves, and get their strength of waves fully togethor for due oocnsion. RivHrs in this way are jast liko wise men, who keep one side of their life for play and another for work, and can be brilliant, and ehattering, and transparant, when they are at ease, and yet take deep euunsel on the other side when they set themselves to their main purpose And rivers are in tliis divided, also, like wicked and good men : ifae good rivers have servieeable, deop places all along their baaks, that hips can sail in; but thp wicked rivprs go scooping irregnlarly under their bauks, until they get full of struggHng eddies, which no boat can row over without being twisted against the rocks and pools like syells, whioh )io one can get out of but the water-kelpie that lives at the bnttom. But, wickod or good, the rivers all agreo in liaviug two kinds of sides. -


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