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The Charleston Blockade "raised"

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" ÏII01AL PKOCI.AMATION. " Headuartcrs Land and Naval Forccs, ) " Charleston, 8. C, Jan 3. j" At iiboiit 5 oVlook this rïtorninff, thu Confedérate State nuval foroe on thin station éttacked the U. S. blockading ileet off the harbor of ihe eily if Charleston, tmd sonk and dffiperaed, or drove ofl and out of slght tor tlie time, the en 'ir e hostile (loot; therefore, wt, the undtr.-signed, commandert) respedtivi-ly oí Ihe Confedérate States naval and land forcea in thia qaarter, do hereby formally declare tlia blookada I)V thi! United Stateü of the Buil city of Churlfston, S C, to bo raised by a superior torce oí tho Confedérate State., froni and ufter this 31st duy of Januarv, A. D. 18ü:j. (Signad) " 0. T HKAÜREGAHD, Cocü'gGen " D. N, I.NGRAHAM, KlasOfficer, Com'g. "(Official,)- Taoe. Jddson, Cliief of SlalT.' The resultH of the naval onkagements yesterdaj ure, two vessels sunk, lour set on firc, and tho remuinder dn'ven away. 'i hu fiire ion Consuls here huid a meeting last nïght and wero unanTmously of opinión thnt tho Wookude h:id been légally raied. Twentv bfóokaders are oiï the bar to-clav. Pktkiiíbuiíu- the news trom Charleston creates great juy here. Hbadquarters Potomac. } Kwliniary 3 18l:. Parttes who oroewad thu i iver bure, ves. terday, under a ftufj oi truce, state that Ihe rebels in Fix'deneksbnrjr wero verv jübilant over news IVoin Charleston, amoag wliich a-um thuoilirial Proclaination of Gen. Beuuregurd arxl Com. InDTttham deutaring thu blockado ut Charleston raiscil. Z3T General McClell:in has imcepted the iuvitation of the üonfitniUee of i'.itizens to wttend a levee in Faneui] Hall, some day next week. Mayor Lincoln will probably presida. D"JET" UcHi.lntiuns havo boen offered n the New Jersey Legiulature ca.]Jing rn the gotorntnent to restore General McOlellan to the position of General-inChief. S"S" öol'J has fluetnated durtog the week, fl New York between 53 ind .r!)c premium, ckwiog firmWednesiay at 57c. i@ MonoAN is reportad as ndvan;ing on Cincinnati, and preparatioca u Ltiag .uude to :eceivt bir. :


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