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-The component parts of an editor are defiucd thus : The constiiution üf a horse, obstiaacy of a mulé, ndependence of a wood-sawjer, pertinacty of a dun, endurance of a starving anaconda, itnpudeuce of a beggar, aud an entire resignation to tlio mos: confounded of all earthly treadmills ; and lio must )e a moving target for evcrybody to shoot at, and is expeoted to know cvery,hinr, and to assist " busybodios " to pry into the business of their neighbors. If he does not come up to this description, he cannot be thought a "yood editor" and is obliged from want of support to close with the followioo; valedictory : The undersigned retires from the editorial chair with a complete convictiou that all is vanity. From the hour he started this paper to the time, he has been solicited to lie upon every subject, aud can't remembür ever having told a wholesome truth without diminishing his sub scription list, or making an enemy. Under these circurastances of trial, aud having acquired a thorougíi coutempt for himseif, he retires in order to recruit his moral coDStitution.


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