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Tublished every Friday morninír, in thethird story of Ihèbriclt block, corner of Muin and Huroo bts.. AN'N RUoK, Mioh. Entrance un Hurón títreet,opnosite the Iianklin. ELIHÜ B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Term, $l,5O a Ycar In Advattce Advertlsing- One square (12 linea or less), oae wiek, 5üconts; and -'5 cents for every insertion thereatter, lesa than three muntlis. One square 3 mns $3.00 Quarter col. 1 year $0 One BquaivöttiOp 5.00 Half column 6 mos IS One aquarel year 8 0-1 Huif column 1 year 35 T-.vo sq'res fi mos 8 ('0 One column 6 mos. 36 Twn aq'rea 1 year 12,00 One column 1 year 60 ZW A(lvertisements unaccomjjanied hy written o TcrlMl directiona will be pubhshed until ordered ou -nul eharged acoordingly. Legal ;il tiiisemcnts. tirst inserti-on, 50 cents pe folio. 25 cents per folio fnr each subseqaeftt it serti.m W en q postprnoment is aldtl to an advertigenient th whule will be charged the same as for firstinsertion. Job Prlntlng- Pamphlets. Hand Bills, Circulara Cards, Ball Tickets, Lahels. Blnoks, Bill Heads, un other varietics of Plain and Fancy Job Printing, exccu ted with prompinesa, and in tbr bet style Cartls- We havea Ruggles Ro'ary Card Preasfand a liirïevancty of the latent strlefi of "Car-l type which eiiablt-s us co print Cards of all kinds in the neatest possiblesiyle and cheaper than an other house in the iíusinnsí ftarda for mi n of allavocations and pro fes.sions, Ball, Wedding aml Visitïng Cards, printed on shiirt notie, t'all and see samples. BOOK B11VDIVG- Connec'edwtth the Office is a Iio"k iünlery Ín charge of to cnmpctent workmen. - Cotintj Records, Le.lge-8, Journalft, and all Blank Books in.ide to order, and of the bi-st stnck, Pamnhlets and l'eriodicals bound in a neat and durablf manner, at Hetr'it pricca. Entrance to Bicdery hrough the Argus Office.


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