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! fleur Wmfeetnwt& FOUNI) a fÜH-r Pep and l'encil Holder, with Gold Peo, Jnquiroat A KOUS OFFICE CulXTY Cl.KRKM OrFICII, ) Ax AKlion, Keu. :i, 15S3. ƒ To the city and township CUrkB of the countj t.f Washtenau-, yoü ai e bsrcby notified that tho twrntjFixlh auiiul Ui-port cl llio Suicrintndent of l'ubt'ia ]iitr'ctiuMi of Ihe Ptnte of -Michigan, has bren mCtfired&ttbift t'ilïuo, a;i-l in ready fur dchtributioniw packages fron! r-ix to tweive in m;mbrr. TRAC Y W. UOOT, Cltrk. 3STOTI OB_ L HPT OS STOLEN, on or abmit ihe elevmth d.y f FL'b.A.l) iS-i-i, in U:e tnvvn of Hyjviin, a purplir w,.llet, ctiirfn ning one jn niissory ncte of lifty alx nd Cl-.OO ' ollar.-, ifivi-n lo Eslher Beam, ly Jou I!im. ïbis iío!;cü ifl g.ven to forbid any one irom purcliaiinf tii-j eaiil uut e -.s pa} ment ha bi-cn itopj.edoii the arm-. E TIIKIi BEAM. Pnfed, Sylvan, Fel). 11 tb, 1863. PRESERVE AND IMPEOVü YOÜR VISION. JOSF.PH BLACK, Agent Tor S. BLACK8 Detroit Clptit-a! Hstblishment, tahe.s plpiisuro in informin a g'iierous publir, that h1 ïviTl Btr,p for sí fetf days :it Uan, Pchoff & UUlar' Üook-ittire, where he wfil offer for sale thoRO CELEBRATED SVHEROIDAL OLASSK8 wfcieh ure bo eminrntly ndapi 1 tn improv the fiilinj:' ejestglit. Also, a Köneral ussorïmeiit ui MASNIFIERS, TELESCÜPES, MICROSCOPKS &o., on hatrl. Pe sure aud cali in time at Mmw Sdïüff Se UiUer'a LoukAtore. O. A. KELLEY, pHOTÓGRAPBEK- Cornel Fuurlh k Il.iron iretif I A n i Arbor. Ca-cs Irnnu's ;ini Pbetqrftph Aibum cthstantly on hand,aed it lowtp ratea tïmn cnn be fuond c-ii-ewhcie. Ij891 FOR SALE. Q. ACRES of 'x-.eTlpñt timbi'red S. K of O" I N W. )i of Sec. 2, Town 6 N Hangc 3 W., Clint n County. H ii in a goon ncigliborhood, abont four :ni os from DeWitt and ten from LaiiKÍn. Kor term inquiiü at or address, ARGÜS OFFICE. Jan 2Oth, 18"3. 8S8tf li UE &. L TS FOR ÍSALE l IWT II to ppli my hoase, ivith ncarly two lotfl of Und, l'r.'l]tiii on Bróadway aml running throufrh to Tuttlo Wreet, iu the Fifth Word. Tprms reaionable. S. B. McCRACKKN. Am AA-r, Jan. 2C, 18S3! ' The Great Living Uistory.' THE REBELÜÖM RECORD ! A DIáRY OF AMERICAN EVKN'TS Edited by FRANK MOORE. PnbTiüb'ag ín pnrts, at fO centa, each part illuMrate-l with two l'ortraifs engraved on Btcei, FOÜR VOLUMES ars nor readj at annexeJ pricea, until April 1 , 1863;;,. S3 75 a Tolum, Slieep, 4 Oi) " HaffCalf, orlmlf Momeen, 5 00 " THE JR.EBEI.LIÜ1V RICCURD Ia ÏXDISPEKSABLE TO EVERY PCBLIC AND HWVATE liBKAliY. Tlie four volumes coutaiu : i A FL'LI. AXD CONCIBE T'IARV OF EVENT8, from the Heeting of the South Carohna Convention in Dcc , Í3C0, to tho ciipiúrO of New Orltjuos, iuclusiro. Over OXF. THOÜSAVD OFPÏCïAt, REPORTSand N'AR1KAÏ1VK.S of all tbe Iïattie.s aiu! Sklrmtrih that hT cccurrcd duriijj the war. ín. Over FTVE IirVORED SONGS AND BALLaDS, botlï leyul híkI rbei. IV. FORTY-SEVEN POSTRAITS, eopraveil on siel, of th raoftt celebrated men of the time, aud Tentjix Mapa and PUoa ui1 iJatttea. v. Over THREET30U3AN"D Incidents and Anecdtot of personal fláringand bravery. As a work foi cuUflteat reference it is eminentlj to be relied on." G. I'. rUTXAM.Publi-sber, 532 Broadwar. CHAS. T. EVANS, Gn Agt.J 4-J8 Broadwaj. 8PKCTAI, NÜTICEOn ui ■ alter Aijril Ist, tbe pnce of "Tho RebMlion Record" will bo aüvajícbd BUFTÏ ('Tá. A VOLUME.- From that date, the sale of Parts, lïom Xos. 1 to 24, wH be discontinued. Back Qste of tke"Ilebellion Beonl" ivill bü s.!d mly in vulumos l'urcbam-r and pubscribwfl who have not complftod th fovir toIí, must at o ace do so. ïlw wotk wiJl cuut-uu to be publidhed in parts, at 50 cent- each part illustrated witU tw poriraits on tt-el. Volume V. wi'l comprUe eTi- ,i pai is. Blackwood's Magazine AÍfD THE British Reviews. PRICESCIÍEAP AS EVER, TO THO3"5 Wil') PAY FR0..IPTI.Y INT ADTAMS. Nntwithstanilicfi the cost iif Iioprintiiiir these PeriodicaU has in"re than doabldd i) c()nhcfjuence of th tnormou vise in t he price of Paper and of a g-üifral adritrice in all other and notwithstand-nje i'.!icr publish i's are rt'ducing tho size or increasing th jiriep of their publfqtiQQK, we shall cnotinue, for tho ;ir 18f;, f) fui-Qi.hours cotnpltte, as hL-retolore( at th# old ratesi viz. : - 1 THE I.ON'DO.N" QUARTEKLY (ComüriaÜTe), THE EDINBURGH KEV1BW (Whig) THE NOUTII BRITISH RKVIEU' (FieeChnrch). THE WESTMINSTER REVIEW (Liberal) BLACKWOOÜ'S EniXBURttH MAGAZINE (Torj). TERMS. Ptr nn. For any one of tlie four Reviews, - - - $3 (M Fof any two of the Cour Review., - - 5 00 por iny thiee of Ilie nuv Reviewn. - - - 7 '-0 Fnrall foiirof the Reviews, - - ' - - - S 00 Hfor iïlaekwouii Bfugttia, .... - 8 oo For lilackwood nil ne Uevicw, - - - 5 00 For Blackwood and two iieviews. - - 7 00 For Blackwood and three Peviews, - - - 9 00 For BlacMvoodanf! the fourReview.-i, - - JO 0O Tiiosc wil! be our nriccri to all who py prior to tbe Ist f April. To tliosn who deftr paying till aftor tht ;ime, tlie prieea will be increafed to puch rxtent h tbe nercarted cost üf Iteprint mny de mand - thertfcrcr SENTD IN TOUR ORDERS AND SAVE YOÜR MONEY. LEOXARD &COTT A CO., Publir.her, No. 38 Kalker Stwrt, Rw Tork.


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