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Mrs. Grammar's Ball

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XTVfv Oramïiiiir, slier gave a fino ball, ''■o ttle unie dilferenl parta of our speech; Tb1 tlie big awdthe sinall, 'io'Uie short, and the uil, Thpiwere"pies, [luinsaudpuddigföreach. Axï first fiUÍSSf fíeles carne, 1 a tiurry to m.ike themselves known - Fat A, Au, and Tlie ; 15 ut none of the three Could stand for a minute alone. The Adjectives cS.ffr te' aBfmtïfrce [liand, That tbeir fftóntLi, the Kouns, were at Rongh, Roulicr. Wnighestj ïougb, 'loiiüli'r. Bütfêhèst, Fat, Men-y, Goo'l-natured, and Grand. Ths Nonns werp iffáeéd on tlieir way- Tcns of Thousands. and more, I should think, For eaeh name thtil' mv u!ler - Shop, Shoulder, Bhutter - Is a Bonn ; Lady,. Lyoii; and Ëiukv The Pronouns were following ('ast To push the Nouns out of thoir places - I, Tliou, You and Me We, They, He and She, With tlieir nièrry, good-humored oíd faces.Some cricdiont, "Mnkeway for the "Verba!' Agreat ctowd is coming' iuvicw- To Site and to smitt, And to iighl and to Jiyfit, To be, and to have, and to do. The Adverbs attend on the Verbs, Bolnml tliom as footmen they run As thus, to fight brdly, Then run away gladly Slunvs how figliting and running were done. Prepositions carae - In, By, and Near, With Conjunctions, a poor little band. As eiihtr you or me, But neither tliem nor he - They held their great friesid by the baoA Then in with a hip, hip, htrrrah !: Kushed in Interjections uproarious,- "Oh, dear! Welladay!" When they saw the display, " Ha! ha!"'lheyallshontedout"Glorious! " 8Íu feaiga jpi


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