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From The Rappahannock Army

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New York, Feb. 24. Tho Time1 speeiai íi-oin Washington states that " Gen. Hoober has heen in the city, and wdb to-day in consultatiori with the President and Seeretnry of War. " Late accounts from the rniy indicate grcutly mproved discipline, and, give proinise of a state of efficiency Daver before km.w there. Expeditivos are making successful forays agnihst the enemy, capturing supplies and gaioing valuable inforrnutiop. Smuggling j goods into the rebel unes has nearly termiuated. Deaertio'n is becomiog a serious entorprisö and 's rapidly l ishinpf. " The frequent capturo of maB's going to Riuhinond lids fair to destroy that herotofore fiotlnflhiog branch of i treasnn. " Öur scouting eystem is admirably j organizad, and at last we nre able to knovv something of the position and . force of' the rebels. " Onr cavalry arm has shared in the general improvrment, and now, under Sloneman, may sately he said to equal in efficiency that of Stuart."


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