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Gen. Clinton B. Fisk

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The correspondent of tho New York Tribune, writiog frpm White Kiver, Ark., reporta the following : Tho ex-Pennsylvaiiian oí' whon) I have spoken a&köd Gen. Clinton B. Fik ii it was tho intention to earry on the war, even if it should discover tb. at tho South could not ba Bttbjugated. " We will carry on the war unül doomsduy if we do not Buppreas the rebelüon befo re that linie, whieb we design to do in any event and at all hazards." ' How many men have vou in the field, General T' " About i million, I believe, and we will woon put another million. Indeed, my friend, we have hardly got raady yel for the war. The North, you know, is rather elow, but we will soon be rno ving. We are going to fight you steadily bul surely. We don't care how long you fight, but we are bound to put you down eventually." ;'Suppose the Soutri liolds out ten yeai'd ?'' " It rnakos no difierence, sir, if it holds out a hundrod years. I have baen in ihe service only a few montos; but I expect to clie in it, il' need bu, I have a little boy at home, eight years old, who is learning to be a soldier. - He will be ia the iield when I aui dead, and vvill have chiidren in his turn to fight the batiles of the Kepublic. You have lived too long in the South not to rernember the cbwaoter of the N'orth We are slow to begin; but in whatever we undertuke we alttays kuc ceed " Tho Pennsylvania Arknnsas went away apparcntly edified and illuminated as to tho North, but oertainly not condoled. In truth, if the seuessionists desire comfort in their foitows tlie)must seek ome olse than General Fisk to administer it tothen), as the conversation abovo satisfao'ofily provea. t5 Tiie Mississijipi Legislatura has pasaed a law that not. over three acres of uotton ehal] be planted to 1 lio plan ter, ander a penalty of ñvo hundivd dollars per acre, half to go the iniormer.


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