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From The Fifth Michigan Cavalry

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Co. K, 5tli Micuiqan Cavaley, l Camp Copela sd, "Wasuingto-v, D. C.) Fuiend Poxd : - You will recolleut my last to the Argus was from Fairfnx Coui't IIouso. - Well, air, ihe timo of our " dotauhed service" having expired, we loft that micc beaiitiftil city, and returnod to ciimp on Friday, Feb. 6th, vvhere or ders were awaiting us to get reudy fof a start " to tho front." Salurday opened beautifuliy. Hark ! what ia it that makes tho boys so jubilaotï oh! oh ! tha Paymaster is around, is ha ? - Wll, 'tis time ha i?. The boys have got their " groenbaeks " up to January lt, and a gay time they ara having over it; the ÓQtler is Hterally besieged, but it can't lust long; ior at C A. M., Bunday, we s;art. The boyo huniedly encloss tlieir money and send it nearly all home by expres?. I think Co. K must havo sent nearly $-,00U. - This evening the men aro feehng pretty merry, well let them, ior they havo a hard trip ior tho raorrow. After gattiog the men'a nitions ready, I turned io and slepttill 4J A. M. The day breaks splandidly ; the men aiö all mounted ar,d equipped by 6 o'elock, and fonned in line, Co. K, as " advanec guard." The regiment started off throngh Washington and " nigger Georgetown," the wc-ather beantif'il, the soenery along ih'S river the most rugged and piottiresque I ever saw, crosscd the Chain Bridge at 10 A. M , marched to Drainsville, and encamped that night aboul 8ix beyond, on a plantation belonging to a man at present Quartermaster in the rebel army. Our ofScera took posse?sion of the house ior their quarters, tho men of the barns, :nd cpnfiscnted everything they could find. We sleep but about five hours, when the bugle sounds " boots and eaddies," and aftor baslily swallowing a cup of cofïee . we inount and i ido at a (jaick paee through Upperville, where we re joined by u Pennsylvania and an Oliio regiment, forming a brigade of nearly 3,000 men, with our train attached ; a splendid lino of men as seen frorn an ominenoe. We are now amcng the Buil Kun Monntains; the rebel p'ic.kêta are piainly to be seen eignalling on the highest pointe, but too far off to be in any danger lrorn us. Every now and then a pquad is seen, and the order lor us to ehase is KÍyeñ, w.hïoh we do in "gallant style." Co, K seems espec'ally suitod fór that kind of fun, as we are goneralIv tha ones that are detaohod. We bolt alter them tlirough the pioe woods, but they know the runways, while wo have to stop r.nd push over stone.walls and fences. So, ufter riding 5 oí G milee, we meet tha rnain body agíiin, with a hw iiisoncrs, horses, and ar:n?. Thts evening we rode into the villrtge of Altlie, and camped on a plantation owncd by a mnn named Rogors. Everythiog he had became coinmon property to the boys, Co. K coming in tor their stiare, they having a peculiar tarta for hor.ey, liams, chiekens, dueks, and suoh like luxuries of whieh there was no stint. This night we elept on the grouiid behind our horses, th our rifles n our bands, ready at a moments notico. In tho saddle at at 6 A. M., and cif through the BlueRidge Mountnins and fimou8 Asliby Gap of tïi e Sheniindoah Valley. We scout off through the woods in equads and companies. Co. K, with Captain Clark at their liead, aro sent Lo try to bag the noted "Iïushwhackcr"- Moseley. Afcer riding several miles over meadowa, fording streams, through dense woods, we.coraê to his headquarterS, but on searching nol a man is to bo ncon,only two grïtty secesh dames, who threaíen to ahoot the first man tliat dares to touch their Iiotbcs, four oí which our boys are driving up frörn tho lot back of tVie house. Captain Clakk, too gallant a Koldior to tackle a woman, told the boys to dlarwi Itut not htirt them, and that lic did not want the horees, (they were only colts.) So we luft and rettirned to the main column, bootless for that jaunt. - We go e=ome listance in the Slienandoali Valley without seoing any numbors of the Greybacks. We aro at ength ordered to countennarch, and are now on tho road back to Aldie. - Campetl this nïght at 8 brother'a ol the inan we Rtopped with last night, dis plantation being across the road. II anything his property f.ued worso Iban his brothti's, Iliough cur olüters very ■courteoLisly ofiored to pay hini for tlieii' board and lodgïoga, which he put at nearly $200, cxpecting to gct " greonbacks," but lookcd mighty ghim on being handed the amount in Eichraond script, (we took nearly $18,000 on llio roacl.) Confedt;ruto raonoy not boing worth rauch, even amongtlieir ovn pie, they cannot buy nnything witb it. I triad, but they said they wantod " Yankeo monoy." We went to bed that ni'ght in bis barns, and for a short time I lept soundly ; but there is that cursed bugle again, blow ing the füi'd cali. The moon shines brightly. Wo give the horses their feed, take a bita ourselves, saddlo and are ready before daylight, and inount and Start again on our road to camp. This (Wednesdey) A. M., we captura several prisonors, a Major, Captain, and several pri vates. - Wo laid a trap for Moaoley nnd a sqaad of liis men, that vvere following ia our rear, to piek up titragglers. Of cour se Ca, K was detached for it. We got eady by leaving a part of our men in ehed at tho roadside, the reat going ver the li 111 0:1 foot, and halting iü the ïollow out of sight, expacting the sooesh would como on, and we wore to chargo up the hill with drawn sabroa ia soon as our boys that wcro on foot ired a volley. Tho tiling was woll aranged by Gapt. Clark, but Ihey would not tnko the bait. It was Iho neaiest o a briwh that we have como. Tho Captain was nach diaappointed and so were all the men, for I tuíl you wa aro poiling íor a lít tío lun After waiting br someüme we had to hurry up to ,he column. Nothing of note happenud üfter th8, only that a fow horses bccama so wonry that they wei'e left on the road to die, and tho men were cnmpletely used up. 7e rode this day 65 milos on the inain road,bfsides eoutmg through the woods, so you oau imagine hovv we feit. The weather has suddenly turned cold and rainy, tho night dal'k, the hopsoa can hardly foei thoir wny so exhausted are thoy, tho men, rnany of them Hay, stept on t'neir horses, oearfy all tho way f rom Alexandiia, (I knou' I die!), we could only go at a walk, I was only awakened by an occaaional stutfible of iny pded hörS"è, tbongh he stood the trip as good as any of them. Wel!, wo got to camp at 10 P. M., tired and hungry ; did not think of eatins but took care of onr horses and laid down and took a relresfiing sleep lill near 8 A. M., when we wero up looking rather tho worso for woar. On eumming ap the wholo tb'ng, governnieut is uhead about 30 prïsonefs, 65 horses, and a quanlity of anns, so our " reconnoisancö in foreo" (or as tho rebs have it, "Union raid,") was to my idea " a grand fizzle." Wo mu-or fired a shot the whole timo, it ïnay bo that eomo good is dono by knowing that we caa go so far into tho enemy's country without encounteringao armed force, There is u rumor tii;it wo are going agnin shortly ; I hope so, n I likoit, Though it was rather tough on green handj to ridu near 300 miles in four days, our boys would sooner go than stay in camp. The weather has been very cold. - The snow fdl on Sunday to tho depth ot 18 iiiclieí, nnd haa not gone vet, thourgh if tho aun koepïout as it is now, for a day or so, wo shall have it changed to the same thicknoss of mud. Wo have done nothing for the last few daye, but try to make ourselves comfortable, a difBcult task, owing to the wealher and our email tents. Our men are all well nov, ITomor Mooro having recovored. Jee Foloy has gono home. John Sinclair, Sarn Gregorv, Ëgglestoa, Kounis, Corsuliuu, jv. is, a.'id all the libys wish lo bo remembered to all thoir frioodi n Ann Arbnr. ïhey are all ia ood spirits and ready for {inything, The regiment is to be iiHiBtercd for pay again on 3at. urday, and it is thought i'üncle Sant1' wil] bo more prompt to pay his men iban heretoforo. This ought to have boon malled last week, t ut justas I bad compleled il we vrere ordercd ofl in (ho nïghl. I put it in my portfo'io and carriè'd it m iny pockut on a six dáy'tí cruise we have had, that will fnrnish, I think, a more interesiing letter for my Dekt. C0MMÏ&3ARY.


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