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Amendment To The Registry Law

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We aro indebted to Ilon Hiram J. Beakes for a eopy of au act which. passcd tlie House on tho 9th of March, anJ the Senate on tho 10th, anwnding tho Registry Law in a vcry important particular. As we undertand it, the act was ordered to take mmediato effect, and will govorn the rogistration for the coming election in our city. It will be seen thai the Board of Registration i-nstoad of meeting two days - Thursday and Friduy - as hereioforo, will meet only one day, on Saturday proceding the election, that is on Saturday, April 4th. One demoeratio eloiaent is incorporated int.o tbis araendment. The session of i the Board i to clcse at 8 o'olook, P. M., instead of at 5 o'clóek, as undér tho old law, whioh will give laboring men an oppoi turuty to get their natuea registered ; aftcr they havo complcted their day's nork, and without lösiog any time, We append tho anendatory law : AN ACT. To amend an act entitled an act further to Preserve the Purity of Eleotions and Guard against llie Abuses of the Elcetive Franchise by a líegistration of Elector, Sbction. I. The Tenph of the State of Midiigan enacf, That saetktfi live of an act entitled an aet further to preserve the purity of electiocs and guard agaiust the abuses of the electiva franchise by a. registration of electora, approved Feb. 14, A. D. 1859, be ameuded so as to read as füllows : Seo, 5. On tho Saturday next precoding the general election, and on the day (Sunday exceptedj .noxt precediog the day of tho regular charter electioti, or any pi'cial election, a:id on such olhor days as shall be appoiated by the Commoa Council of the city, not exceedine three days ir all, previous to aoy said election, the board of registratiou of the city, to be constituted as aforesaid, shall be in session at such places in the several wards, as they shall desígnate in their notices to be published and posted up as hereinafter provided, from eight o'clóek in the forenoon uutil eight o'clóek in the afternoon, for the purpose of eompletmg the listsof qualified voters ; during which sewsion it shall be the right of each and every person then actually residing in the ward, and who, at the then next approachin eleetion, may be a qualified elector, and whose name is not already registered, to have his name entered in the register, which. shall be done in the manner above described ; and such boards and each inember thereof. and each applieant for registration, is hereby vested and charged with the same rights, powers, duties and penal liabilities, touohing the cxamination of applicants, as hereinbefore provided : Provided, the provisions of this amendmeut shall not ap . ply to electora in the city-of Detroit.


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