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Beet Sugar

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Froip Ziou's Hjralil, '! he sui'i 'ot of maattfact uring beet Biigur in th's oou.itry, is altraoting a laYge slmre of utteution, and it is ona that isfrangtat witlj peculiar interest U cultiva' t'.Ts, uien uf enterprise , ai d to .stntcímien. ï'r the ctilrare ol' surnr beo' offers now and profitable omploymont for the land, iiüt oily in t lio imtnedluto eiop, but in prepariug it for suoeee ling crops ; it morenver itteremcv rho eattle iood of a farm and lava !he foundation for larsrer graiii crops th:it immediately eucceed ihc bi'et ; the manufacturo of SUgnr frora the beet gives cmploymeut to skill, to industry, and to cap tal. and the statesman soes 10 the product ion of this ncw bia ich of industry ncw resources doveloped, and liew sDurces of wealth ad power gained to the country. We bear tni t it is ift eontemplation by partios at the West toplant several hundred acres the eoming. senson to beet roota, and to proceed'at once to the manu. fm' ure of sugar. Thcy have doteimined to put to practical demonstraron in this country, tho graat and eoonom'cnl resulta that liave heen roal zed by ncw procosses that have beea established in Franco and in Germany. By t'ieso proc:s3ü tho amount of sugTr of tlie bet q'Jalitj obtaincd from 10 J p m 'ds of beet root, varies from 8 to 12 p.iu èi, at a cost hot exceeding that wbic-li was reijuired when but 6 pounda of suir vcre obtained from 1ÜÜ pounda of boet root. An avorago erop of beets ia 000 busliels to t'.ie acre, and thej can be raiso'i so as to be delivered to thu manufaoturers at a coii, not exueediug 10 Ceuta a bushel, whttHi will yiëlJ a fair proflt to tho far uur, to say uothing of bis gains in green foidjr, in the trimniiiigs of his boets, and tho improvuniont of hm land. The processes of extractiüg tho sugar are do more diffi ult than tho processes of m u.uficturing cano or maplo sugar, and aro quite as prtabie to the manufacturei'. Besidesbeet sua;ar may be ni ido a di root product of the farm, as bu'ter and cheose aro. Thero are no insuperable diíSmltiea in the way of cstab lishing this as a domestic manufacturo nnd the sugar room may beoomeas muoh a part of tíie regular establishmout an.a farm as the dairv In Francp, i:i 1SC0, the yicld'of beet sugar from nearly tour hundrod factrriea was about three liuudred luillion poundf. Thesfaotories gave full and prufitib'e cmployment to more than two hunirid thoussnd acres ot' land, and thi usanda of laborera; gave an impulse to various mochamcal arts, added to the wealth of the country in various ways, and gavo a reverme to tho Government of fiftoon inillion dollars. The subject of introducing tbis culture and manufacturo in to the Uuitfd States is permanent in it-! hearings. For yoars no subject of eijual importance bas presented itself in oo:,nection with our agr.iculturo. Ilon. flenry Clay, who was not given to visiouary schomes, nor Ld away by faiiciful theorios, who loved lus couutry entirely, aud whosc view of tlnngs in their relation to the prospority of tho country wus oool, comprehensive and sagnclottá, eotertaíucd the most sanguine hope of the success of beet sugar in the United States, aml we beg to oall attention to the followiug extract frjm remarks made by hiin in the Sonate, wlioo the sugar queslion was before Cungress. He was arguing lor the protection of tho Ij oirsiaiia planter aud incidentally remark 'd : " lu my opinión the establishment of the manufacture of beet sugar in the U.iited Stat'á, omineiitly deserves the palron:ig3 uf the G n'erninerr . What, if successlul. would so greatly redound to the coinmou benefit, ouht to be de'Hoiistruted by au experiment m:idj at the cotniuoa expens1. For it is the np prehonsion, incide it to all new and u tried entorpriaes, that may deter iud. viduils from embarking in this. ' [ bave no doubt of t'io ultimato intro 'u tion of the m inufacturo ; and I bjlieve that at no U:stani day, a great pirt oí' this necessary of hunnn life will b deiived from this sourt-e. If we ara to credit the auihcutic eviiionre ohtained from the expone ice of Friftioe, tho in mufao'ure of sugíir from beet is less costly than from eane."


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