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A Remedy For Small Pox

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-The Germán Rcf.rnml Mesxrngir has i ceivwd :i 1-itor tViun u ÍVíuikí in China, i'i whicii it i4 (ítuttíd m jre;it disoovery i rupirrtéd to have buon rurervtly mado IV a uUrgeon oi tl. e Enli-h army in China, iii tha way of' an effoetlla) euro fir malí piix. The modo of treatment U as fullows: Wliun tho prooüdiag levér is ai its heijjhr, and jast bíne tho oniplion appmirs, the chest is rubboj wiih ero on ntl and tartario ointrniínt. This causea ti 10 vvhole of the eruption tu appt-ar on that of tho bodv, t ther!ieff the rest. It also seuures i lull and completo tíruptif'n, and Uhh prevent-i tlio dísoaso fiorp aüftoking tne uto nal iris. Thia is said to bo now tho etal)VmhJ moda of troatrnent in tlitj E'iglish army in China, by guneral ordors, and regardüd as a perfoct SUC00S8. ti?" An oíd lawyer was giving aivice to liis son, wlio was just entering upon tho priic'icc of bis father's profession : - ' My son,' fid tho counsi.'llor, ' if you have a ase wliero tho biw is elearly on your side, but justico seems to be against you, urgo upon thojury the vast importanco of sustaining tho law. If, on the other hatid, you aro in doubt about tlie law, but your ciient'a íh fouuded in justice, insist on tlie tieeeasity of giving justioe, though tlie b.eavons fall.' ' But,' asked the son, ' how Rhall I manage a case where botli Uw and jastici iro dead ngainst me? ' ' In that case, my son, talk round it, talk round it ' EaIM,Y lillKAlíkio, - ..u n.CliClO.VTHÍ ITiiAiri!. - 13reak(aít sbould be eaten in tlte rooruing, buiure luaving tho house for labar or exereiso of any deseription. - Tbo3e wlio do it will bo able to perform mora work, nnd with greater comfort and alaerity, thíni tlioso who work au hour or two before breakfast, Besides this, the nvorago daration of life of tüose who tako breakfast beforc exercise or work, will be a number of ycars greater than tíf those who do oíherwitíe.


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