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Jast urw the repiiblicans in their ournuls and out of them are ringing he changos on " oopporhead" and ' trftitOT," eride&lly hoping to extinjuish the dernocracy by the uso of thoRe oppro'oioua epithets, Now, let lis sce what ths position of tho demócrata is, and whether or ,10 they ore obnoxious to the sames heaped upon them. And, as we tuke, it for granted our viows corrospond with tho views of the great masa of ile.nocrats, wo may, tor conveniente, sta' e our creed as the creed of the party, ilere it is : We are for the miunlenance of the TJnion at all hazards. We are in favor of the prosecution of tilia war against the rebals until they return to their ul'.egitinoe to tho consLi tutioi). W,e are for prnsecuti;ir it undur the oonstitution, and not for vviping out the oonstitation undor the pretenoe of wiping out the " doiBastio institution" of the South. Wii ure fo:1 oonfining the war to its legitímate objoot, and for tennintiting it au Boon as tbat object is accomphshed - tho restoration of the Union - whethor by that timo tluvery bhall be extiact or not. Tlie only compromiso we favor ia a thal will luave not a single State " out in the col d," and wo are öpposed to any compromiso that concedes the jistice of the rebellion or the right of secession. We are, therefore, for a littla more fighting, but for fihting with tho original objoot in view, and nol for polilioal or partisan purposes, and for ceasing to fight as sooii aa the rebels shall express a willingnSM to return to their illecriance, and not before. If these articles in our creed mak e us a " copperhead" and a ' traitor" I then we aro both. On the othor hand we believe the emancipation proolamatioo impolitio, unneoessary, fruitloss of good, and issued without autbority. We do not believo in the suspension of the writ of habcas cnrpm in States not in rebellion, and at great distance from the actual fiel J of war We do not bolieve in arbitrary arrests in Stntes whore the Courts and officers of the law are loyal. We do not beliave in crushing out the press if the country because it does not endorso every aot of the President, Cabine or Congres. We do not buli :ve in prolongi#g the war - or in shapir.z its conduct - for the pu.rpose oí giving office to politioians who would fkldlo around a burning capítol; money to spoculators who care only for the almighty dollar, nnd nothing for the livew of their fullow-conntry men ; or even to crush out sluvery, the so!e ain of Hornee Greeleyand that ola6 of politicinns, and who are ready todo it at ihe expense of the Union, If a non-approval of these mensures of the adminislration, ivhich wo doem uaneoeasary and an obsinution tn the putting down of the rabcllion and a restoratioo of the Union, makes as a "eopperhead" and a " traitor" then we are both. That's our view of " copperheads" nnd the claim of the democracy of Michigan to the tille, nd we hope that no demoertit nilj bo influeneed to stay away fiom th polls oq Monday nest, or to vote ihe republican ticket to avoid Using callad a " copperiiead." L3L" T'10" Tribune and Adccrüacr parsistently donoiinces L D.. Norris, democratie candidüte for Judgo in this circuit as a " copperhend." lf opposi tion to tho iidministntttion, a all ts conduct of tho war, tho test of " copperbsadiam," Uien Judge Lawrence, the np[)osii)g candidato Will bear o il the palm. Ni inan o lliis city bas cursed tho President, evcry inember of the C.ibinet, and nearly overy Goneral in tho fiold, longor, laudar, moro con tinutilly or tncre biiterly than has Judg Lawrence. Tbe Judgfi is not a traitor, but is only a radical (f th'u Wandoll Phillips stripo, and must bo toloratod in his donunciations of tho conduct of war, whilö domocrats ure denonnced as "copper'heiids ;' and " traitors " for candidly diflering with the powers that be as to the best policy to be pursued. Circumstanoes do altercases, ÜrSE" Col. Witbmgton of the 17th Mioliigati Infantry has resined. Tho receut death of hit wifo is issigned ag th riMTD.


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