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Sunday's Battle

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Philadelphia, May 5 Tho Washington Chronicle of to-dav has the fbllnwing: "A gentleman who leit Falmouth enrly yesterdny morning rcjp rts tlmt early Sunday morning, simultiineously with tho comtnencment of the batLl e on tho left, fire was pened on tho rebel defenses of Fredoricksburg, whioh were replied to raartly by the rebuls but their firo jradually slaokened. Our infantrv imnediately triovod forward under the dieotion of Gen. Sedgwick. Tho men lad bayoneta fixed and presented a tPin froij!, moved on steudily antil ihev eaohed within a few bundned yards of ibe fatnous Stonewall where tliey rnet with a n.otst murderoufi fire of infantry, while grape and oannister flowed thro' their ranks, still they pressed onward :tnd the wall was oleared and lijo ridgo gained. Tho brave boys, with a oheer pnshed onward toward the socond lino ot intrencliments, but an order reaohed tlieni to return, which was eomplied with, but not without a great dual of reluctance. The opinión gained ground that it was not necess&ry to drive them muoh farther.ns this would prevent our forces on the right PMcbing their rear. So great was the punto oj tho rubela that thev ftbnndooeil cantïon, orms, knap sai-ks nml everything olso that vou!d ï:-pedu Ihcir flight. The works were held all day without any tlesperulo effortn on the paft of tho enemy to drive Corees (rom thein. They upa pretty sharp skihimB and occuionaliv mudo sallies out of tlieir seootid and Ibird linos of ntrenohrnents, but were invariahly driven back. Upwaids of l,3üO prisoners were taken in thia en gageifiontj most! y to Missis: sippi, Louisiona and Georgia reginwrit. A liifge number at ufSeersj fron Colonelfl down, weve ilso takeft. It i.-j niinored that the robels yesterday made, or wore preparing ttmake, 8b attaok on our Corees withiii the wüiI.-s, but t is quite oltfar to uvery one, i iiidejicridont of tha bigii authoritv we : have lor the opioiun, iliat even if "thev , have boen suaeuásful it will amount to ' ! Dothing. The umin fightin has buen i ir.'iiislerrec! to antne otiier loint, and ib i the operations which are novv progresHing) and wo hope to a suceessful ! pietion, the ocoupation of ! burg is not of the slíghtest I quenco. It tho rebels havo attaeked iis there, it is probably a mere feint, and will onlv amount "to n useless expendituro of liiy and aininunitioi) Washington, May 5. A son of es Senator A. G. Brown, of Mirsissjppi, is among tho rebel prisoners. Mure than three thousuud ure now here.


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