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Taken From The Cars

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-On doy, the 23d uit., by a lady of llii city, a small packagé of " Waie's Lake Printing Ink." She took t under the impressioQ thíU it belonged to a.friend of htjr's vvho occupied tho same seat. The peraon who his it vvill confer a favor by sending it tothie office. j53jC The May number of the Ladies' Rcpository has a gein of a landscape, a fina portrait oí Helen Louise, Duchess of Olean?, and a readable list of articlee. $2.50 n year. Ad drcsa Poe & Hitohcock, Ciucinnati, Oh Lo. SíS" Frai-k Lesiiet Magazine for J Iay,besidesits liberal table of contenta, i as a complete Thero r ra 144 fushion plates in nddition to ie lurge and beauüful colored one, moug thein fo'Ji" page sheot contain ig 25 figures exhibiüng the dress dis )lay ol a recent Tueleries balt. $3 a ear. AddressJFuANK Leslie, N. Y. , ui in - s [3P The April number of Blanktoood's Edinburg Magazine bus the ollowiog papers : Sensation Dinlomacy in Japan;JMrs. Clifford's marriage; Sir James Grahuui ; The Inexhaustible ' Capital ; Cnxtoniatia ; Spedding's Life J f Bacon; The Yeang-tie Mountains; i pirit-Writing in China; and Marriage. ! 'or lenns, &c, see prospectus in i ther column. j23g= The May number ol the Eccclic Magazine has a varied, readal)le, nd valuable table of contenta. ïhe xcellent, fullpage steel píate presenta i peaking portraits of tbe Prince of i Wales and hia Danish bride, from the grafers of Periné. The Eclectic makes hree volumes annually worthy of presrvation. $5 a year, with a pair of jeautiful parlor prints or a mngnificent portrait of Everett as a premium. - Address W. H. Bidwell, 5 Beekman St, N. Y. _________ J52T We eannot defiuitely say what Michigan regiments are participutiug in the fighting ou the Rappahannock. We tbink certainly th-e_ First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Sixteenth and Tweotyfourth Infantry, and probably the First Cavalry. Wo thiak it likely that the 26th Infantry, and the 5th, 6th, and 7th Cavalry have gono forward with the reinforcements, if in fact the Cavalry regime&ts are not with Stoneruan. Dbess Silks- A large and choice selectioDiiow opeuing at C. II. MILLEN'S. Spriïïq Shawls, Sacks, Cloaks, Dress Goods of all kinds, Ribbons and Parasols, now opening at C. H. MILLEN'S. Cabpeis- Another arrival of Carpets at C. H. MILLEN'S. Alpaca Deess Goods- These fashionable and elegant goods in all colora at C II. MILLEN'S.


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