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BT N. P. CARTER. " I will be ricli," a young man cried - " My bigbeet aiin is this '. To me the stream of time sliall guide lts wealth of golden blies ! " For tliis tbe world sliall learn my name, And praise tlie vast estáte, Till kings and princes joy to claim Me one amoug the great." " I will be good," anolher said, " And love my fellow-men ; On them would ï rich blessings shid, As dew on liill and glen ! " And i f tbc world sliall ever raise A tribute to my namo - To Thee, my God, shall be the praise, No honor here I claim ! " The one irrade shining gold his God, Burned incensé at its shriue - Toiled hard at home, toiled hard abroad, To pour it votivo wine ! The good ships went, the good ships came, And bröughi iiim golden ÓToe ; The temppst's wrath, theliuhtiiing'sflame Increaaed his hoarded stores. He grew tlic richest of the rich, Yet poorest of the pooT ; He carved ft ailded temple niche, But ctrald not peaco eusure. From lip to lip bis titles ran, Bnt failed to bless his soul ; The idol erowdod out the man, A-Iid iflt him but the goal. None ever came to Uim for love, None for ;i ernst of liroad ; His presence Wlled like cloiids abo,-e, Kuushino returned Mben doad. Tlie other, blessinga on his name ! Livctï as tlic ooil sliould live ; For goud deeüs wen the noblfit fame Tlie human lieart can give. Along the narrow way lie ran, lts tpils and .joys to share ; He lived for (od, iie lived forman, Made iie n living prayer. ll;s riches iva.s the vrealth of love, Which yearns to suollie distress; And, lcoking to (he lilis above, He won the power to bless. The sick and poor rejotced in bim As in their deareat IVk-nd ; Wiiere ears vvere deaf. and eves were dim, Hearts bles sed liii.i to tlie end. He lived to love, to teach, to guide - He méekly boro his cross ; Tbe ófH was loser when he died, And sadly niourned its loss. Live uot for Mammon, youug and old, Crave not its praise or blame ; Be rich in gooduees. not in gold. And win eterna! fama !


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