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' At a Inte meel ;ir if the Fruit Ovdwers Hociety ut' Kasteni l'eunsylvani, tlie clifi-i..-! i .:' grape quostion was vt'rv aim:itei. ïlio year had uot made iii'uch (üiï'crenoo in tlio experience of the incuiber?, exoept tbattbe Elsiuburgl) was 0110 af tht best í'or lato koepinp;, and superior in many respecta to hosts of tho new uaes. liogor's No, ], iVu. l.", Crovelini;, and otliersbad oumsrous advocates, and ono gentleman exprosod a partiality for the Northern Musoadine. Mr, Knos tboufeht the IVIa'waro too sweet for a regular table gr-ipj, but one of the best lui' wiue K. E W 1 JL ■ The llartfurd Proliiic most members thought indispensable, for boing a few days earliér thau tho Coneord, but worthless after the good sorts caine iu, Conoord, in faot was the great grapo of the coiivention. It is indeed sui'prising, that i p-ape that bas been so much abused, slioüld have fought its way so sueeessfully t.) popular favor and eminence so soon. The vote on grapes was heavy, aud was as follows : - Coneord, . - - 25 Rebeoea, - - O Dolawaro, - - 23 Isabella, - - 8 Elsinbursrh, - - ]2 üatnwba, - - 8 Hartf'd ProlLfic, 5 Cassady, - - 3 Crevclling, . ' Alvoy, 2 Diana, - - - o Clinto;), - - 1 At a meeting of fruit growers ín the vicinity oí X.nv York city tho almost inianiiDOus opiuioü was that tho Delineare, -frrtford Prnlife and Coneord gragea, nro the three bost varïetiós now grown. Tlie DeLawaro was lilacod at the head of the list as ioflavor, wbile t!io Goncord was considerad tho lat f:r ;,;!icral culiivation of ail kuown varieties.


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