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New YoKK,June3.. Liverpool, 23d,?a Queenstown, 24 The Times says: "rfooker's operations preceded by more than usual gasconada, resulted in;the ukuíiI miserable failure. It suspects Hooker who was so disabled that Sedgwiok' defeat was an opportune excuse for recrossing leaving thu vvounded on the field. It clearly indicates Bumetbtog like u rout. The Times sees no end to the war but the slow procesa of exhaustion either of men or enthusiam. A few months must decide whether war ends with the present year or at the close of Mr. Lincoln's term, or later. The Daily News adds this campaign tothe lists of Federal djsaüters, but poiDts to Lee's ability to hold out. The Star thinksan honest coniession of dieaster wouid be more dignified on the part of Stanton than the statement of retreat frorn prudential motives and speedy resumption of oflensive operations. The Morning Post soes good reason why Lee should not follow up Hooker, but cannot understand why Hooker was allowed to retreat so easily. A party who was alleged to be a Federal recriuting offieer to the county of Cork turned out to be a swindler 'and had decamped. It is announced that the caro-oes of the snip Nora, Louisa Hatch and Charles Uil], bnund from England to the Ektst IiiJies and destroyed by tlie Alabama were shipped by and consignod to British Bubjacts. Governtnont is called upon, and itis thought will nterfero in the matter. Polish affairs unchanged. Engagements continue frequent and no diminution ia number of inaurgents. It ie reported Raesia callad on Prussia for military assistance.


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