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Nashville, Juno C. The figbl at FrankKn, on tiie 4th inst, was botween ' four brigades of rebels umlcr ForraBt, and o'lir forces there, who held the rebels fit bay until the remnval of the Federal storen, when our ruinforcernonis carne up and drove the rebels beyond the lown. On the morning oí tlie Gth inst, the rebels were ascertained to have re-entered tbetown, aftor severe fighting on the streets. - Colonel Paulkner, of the Seventh Kentuoky Cavnlry, again drovo them some miles beyond the town, taking h'fty prisoners. Co!. Faulkner was b.idly wounded, and arrived hore last night. All is quiet at Franklin to day. MuRi'iiTSESBOiio, Juno 7. Col. Wilder, of the mountod infantry, has returned frorn another highly successful expedition to Liberty. He broke.upa band of guerrillas taking all their horses, and sisty-two pi-isoners. Deserters report that the Mississippi troops in Brags's arrny are in a state of rnutiny. The Forty-first, Colonel Tucker, has been undor heavy gaard for several days. Portons of Breckinridgo aud McCowan's divisons, which vvere reported to have gone to Mississippi, are stül in our front. Heavy firing has been board in the direction of Truine, which is as yet unexplaineh. Special Dispatch to The Detroit Free Press. Franklin, Tenn., June 9. Last night at duek, offieers repr.esenting themselves as Colonel Oeton and Major Dunlap, Chief Inspectors, Eosecrans staff, clothed in our uciforms with horses and equipments to correspond, were reported to Colonel Baird's headquarters and atated they had left Murfreesboro on the morning of 7th, striking towards Franklin, near whieh place they were surprised b rebel scouts and their orderlies captured, they making a narro w escape. They had written orders purporting to be from the Adjutant and Kosecrans, upon which they attempted to induce Col. Baird to give them a pass to Nashville. Col. Baird, suspecting ( hat all was not right, ordered Colonol Watkins, of the Sixth Kentucky Cavalry, to follow. He arrested thera promptly, nnd whil'e being searched they conf'essed that they were oflicersirorn the rebel army - Lawrence Williams, Colonel and Chief of Artiflery on Bragg'8 staff, and S. T. Peters, of Gen. Whitler's staff. Col. Baird telegr&phed Gen. Rosocrans for orders, aad was commanded to try the prison ers by cöurt-martial, and, if guilty, to hang them.. They were tried, found guilty, and condemned under the order. They partook of the sacrament, and at half-past 9 A. M , to day, were taken out and hung as spies. Infantry and cavalry vvere drawn up abcut thts place of executbn. Col. Baird and staff came down to see the preliini naries properly arranged, bul soon retired, as also did several other field offieers. Before the execution, the prisoners walked firmly up the scaffold, and died like brave men who could plan and execute such a daring exploit. - Bcforo being executed they were allowed to mako their wills and write to all their friends,


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