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Use Of Fruit And Vegetables

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Kvcty .sumnicr ïnuoli sioknesa is produeed by tliu usu of fruit rmd vegetables iü improper cumlitioii, and inany t.herelorc diacard ihuir use almost eutirely. - 'lilis is nol. oni_y njua'i.cuus hut extremely dai'üTcun;;, [ r al no .-. n-on uf tiie year ia vi'; tailles and fruit as ïmicli needed, and tiitMif'ore ;: heaitliïn!, ae in the beat of slimmer. NaüirP eraves aJliber:sl supply, and htí whü 1cmcs the deuiand doe.s sü at his o]] peiil. If persons are wi'.ling to run the riilf, thcy uay do so, but wel 1k;vc i.o patienoe witli mon who deny ihcni to their fatuiiies, ospecially to thcir oiiildreii. Childruii will obtain fruit, aad if it ia not furuisliod at homo in proper iju.uititit's and coiidition, aud it the worst tinios it will bc had in impioper quantitiea and conditie, abroad. The only safo way, thereforo, is i'or pamits to furnish öbildren tlio b;sfc fruit thoy can obtaiii, and a liberal sujvply, ana Mms Ifearu thüiu to distinguish bctween the good and b;id. A supply of fruit is almost a sure preyejptative üt' billious aud oiher coinuluiuts so cominon iu tho sutnmer seasQa. The Southern Rebellioo has taught our suraeoiis the neeessity of vegetables to the betiltb ofati arjay, aud their cutire lack, or not a sitffioient supply, has cost thousands of livcs. Prof. Loomis, iu tho Patent Offico Report, shows the reasons why tho use of fruits aud vegetables have been eonsidered unhealthful in . c-ilios, aud we ïmike the following extract, which is not only worthy of perusal but of reaiomberance : " Here lies the whole troulle : the vegetulles of the city are not the vegetables of tho ccuntnj ! The lattor are usually g-ithered aud eaten at the time of their perfectiún, the formcr before or fter; in either of which oases their chemieal constitution, as we have seen, is uot that of the ripened fruit; the oue is digestible, nutritious, aud eooliug ; the other indigestible and poisonous. 1 líese cheiuicaí facts fully explain all the vosults attcudant upon eíiting fruit and vegetables. When eaten fresli gathereed in the country, they fully aaswer the oharacter we have assigned thein, as being the most hsalthful and beneficial of Sauimer 1'ood ; in the city after leagues oí transportatipn under a burniug suu, and hours oí storigc in addition, they ate we-11 adapted to justify thc common suspicion as to their saüilarv qualitics. The oouQtryman, as he gathcrs the full growu and luscious p'roducts of his own iields, may know he is receiving for himseif and those he provides for, eifts from thc goddess oí' health or traffic presides in thst mart. Though the solution of tliu whole case is so simple, the remedy appears far less so. It is difficult to get suffioient supplies of proper vegetable food for a de;:sely populatüd city ; so difficult, in faét, that wo shal! do a better service b_y indicating what is our best nicans of nieetinc the caso as it stands, than of iiftticatiog its remerly : 1. It is better to do witfiout vegetables altogetlier, tlian to use theru iu uny other tlian their prime eonditiou. 2. No intelligent provider for a houseliold ouglit ever to bring uto bis hoine, fruit, berries, or vegetables, green, uqripe, overripe, vilíed or deenyed. 5. Produce purcliased iu market, hcause it s elieap, or under price, is culpable econoin ; it is paving half price i'or what is uot ouly worthless bufworse. 4. Sakuls, lettuce, kale, cueumbers, peas, and green con), wilt under any circumstanee in a few hours, and should therefore bo caten the same day gathered. Peas shuuld be picked, bheÜed, and cook ed iminediately. 5. Berries, melons, tom atoes, and all similar juiey íruits, haviüg but a brief interim between tlieuiwipe and decaying condition, are always just objeots of suspicion aud intelligent examination," IfktópK Jkpk


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