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What Our Blockading Fleet Has To Do

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in. i'b to Rear-Adiniral Davis, the line ot coast guardad by onr blookading flcet is 3,549 miles loog, without counting the indentationa of the harbors atul porti. There aru 189 openings in thU coast either rivera, bays, harbors, inlets, sounds or passes. It is honorable to our navy that it hasguardod ttiis coast sojealouslv, anti iffeotually as to rnake the whole world, ,nd tho rebels themselve, uüwillingly icknovvledge tho bloekide "efiective " fld tbU, though our sailors had to conKnd not only with tho usual diffieulties ■' guardiiig a coast, but havo had arlyed n opposition tothem all iheship uilding talent and a great part of the nterpriso and capital of England, the reatesl ehip-building nation in the orld after thu United States. OfEpery other d:iy the tolegraph jdouuces that the rebeliion is just on j point of "eavirrg in." Wouldn't, hasten ni;',1 jr i a little just to stavo it


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