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A Joker For A Ruler

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The Washington correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazelte vvrites, and that paper publishes the following : The town has been laugbing over a new story about the President A worthy and very pions minister, it seems, hnd recently, by tneans nnknown escuped (rom the confines of the Conrederacy. Though very much disgusted witli its temporil!, he had high rerespect for its spiritual condition - Tbeir rulers were praying men, he said ; Jeff Davis himself was an earnest Christian, and was constantly in the habit of seeking the Divim? blessingon all his undertuldngs. " I teil yon, he exclaimed, " God always anawera sin cere and fervent prayer; and it is because Mr. Davis and so many of his people have bo humbly bowed before ihe throne of Divine graee, that he has vouchsafed them so rnaDj mercies, and so signally prospered their cause." " But, interposed tbs polilical preacher. with wbom he was conversing, " don't yo'i see that they pray on this side for success juet as earnestly as the Rebels do ? Mr. Lincoln is a man of Btrong religioua eonvictions, and, dubtless, prays constantly to God for success to crown our arm. Don't you believe God will hear bim just as qilick as he WOOld Davis?" " Well, yes, I b np pree ho would," very siinply and sincerely responded the first minister; " only no matter how much Mr. Lincoln prayed, God woi, ld be enre to think he was only jokihpr, as uMiiil ? " Ahis ! for :i people, in the midst of a írrea pevolution, wben their ruler is - a joker !


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