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Judgo Lañe, wio resignad tlic judgesliip of tlio Municipal Court of tbis eity to take the consulship to Vera Chuz, Mexico, returned to the city yesterday, after au absence of sevcral moiiths. His licalth is excellent. From him we learn tliat although thc French have taken Puebla, it was but a barren victory. They got tho cit}', but tho peoplo werc gone. Tho Moxicaus rosistod nobly, holding out w!th great obstinaey, expecting to ba reliavod by thc forcea ur.der Comonfort, but cither through negligence or bribery (thc latter suspected) hè allowed his anny to be surprised and cut to pieces. Not long after this disaster Ortega surrendered the city, but instead of tho 17,000 men and 900 officers reportad to have laid down fcbeir arnis, there wera ouly threc or four lmndred, The rest had escaped to tho capital, carrying what they could, spiking the cannon, destroying the small arms, &c. Their ammunitiou had been iiearly all expended ia the siege. The intelligeneo reached Vera Cruz the day before Judgo Lañe left, contradietiog the previous reports cireulated by the French and was believed to be authentic. The FroDch had reported that the large nurnber of prisoners allegcd to have been captured, wero on their way to Vera Cruz, the men to be sent to Martinique and the officers to Franco, but their non arrival after a inonth's delay was finally explained by the statement that they had violated their parol aud escaped. Judge Lanc feels confident that if the success had been what at first was represouted, thc French would havo troatod with the Mexican governracnt and closed the war; but that this virtual defeat will, to save honor, compel them to continue the struggle. He does uot believe, however, that they will be able to advance on the capital without large reinforcements. They havo sent about 40,000 troops in all to Mexioo ; tho vomito and Mexican bullets have redaced this nuniber to about 20,000 - not enough to take Mexico and hold the line of conimunication.


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