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Another Victory For The Monitors

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- Our monitors Lavo jast caused the enemy a scrious lusa, and somewhat rodoomcd t.heir uharacter with him. One of the two ron-clads built with muoh trouble, expense and cxultation at Savannah has been captureJ, after a fight of thirty minutes, by two of our monitors, probably the Wcehawken and Nahant. The Fingal was, aceording to rebel reports, one of the strongest and most formidable armored sliips in the southern ports. Slio was originally a large steanier, a blockade runner ; in Savannab slie was cut down, heavily armorod and armed, and on sevcral occasions the mere threat of her appearanoe has caused un easincss at Port Itoyal. She seems to be like all the other iron-clads the rebels have taken uto aotion, good enough to seare non-combatants, but not the liglit stuff for battle. i lio rebels havo been singularly unfortunato with their iron ships. Tho Merrimac fought but one battle. and was Uien foreed to retreat, though not till sbo bad sunk several wooden ships. Tbo Cliarloston ram,?, miioh talked of, surprised our fleet one uigbt, but wers so unmanageable and unsafo that tbeir attaek was beaten off by wooden guuboats, a:d the Cl.e:'okae dnred uot stay out long enough oven to secure a prize. At New Orleans tbey bad two vessels wbichwere truly formidable, and in the bands of gaod seamea raight have disputed for some time the passago of Farragut's fleot, even after that bad beaten thoforts. But the 'rebel crews rango thoir huge nondeseripts asbore, abandoned and set firo to them ; aml jtlie only attempt tbey made with them was to blow up Commodore Porter, as he Iay under a flag of truco arranging for the surrender of the forts. .


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