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Geo. F. Bailey & Co's. Grand Circus

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&gL y-. .';.;'1h"!PP0PÓt'MUS THE GREAT SHOW IS COM8NG ! THE METROPOLITAN COiSTSISTlJNG OF I. -A.3Srr ZlMÍ Oompvising tho World Eenowned "HBB- fr uHf Star Riders TE.OXJPE "Ü Sfijgf" . HBMISPHBRES. II. I-ïerr Driesbacli's Extensive Menagerie, Comprising a mai !■.,:.■. nt Collection ol Rre ft a ts, Sirös, and Reptiles.amOBg which will bofound Lions., Ti,,,rsll,r„; .. Cmigara, Lynx, Pumas, Lamas, Panthers, &c, Sc, Bird oi Uorgcoua Plumee, and a Culuny of ilonkv J . III. Band's Niiflian's Í, Co's! Perfirmiig Elephaata, whosa wonflerfiü feat nrpM ƒ ttlng wr before witl.and whoM Kctceme Joclity and mtelligeuce have attracted the attenüou oi tho most notod saiants dent of Natural EBstory. And IV. THE Glfi XTIC IIIPPOPOTAMÜSorBEIIEMÜTIIOF HOLY WRIT, of wlicm it ivas declare.l, (Job XL. fhan 1 " ÜBon all the earth there snot faja iikc" Thia rare spccimon of the brute creation, the last vesMM of Mamtte exlstence, wan captured by hia present Keeper. Ali the Egyptian, by order of the Vice.. .. '(.'.Viit t-o t:i-.;i-,!ii I miles above Cairo on the White N'ile, in África, and waa imponed nto thia countrr atan expense of over Forty rhousan 1 I ollare, by O. C, Qniek, Eq . with whom ancn arrangements have been made ás eoable ■.-■ment to present hitn to the public in oonjuction with tho other uniqn Attracüons which make up the Cataclyam oí Wondera , Comprising the Gigantio Contbination. KieCirouB Troupe is omposed of the elite of the Equestrian Profession and neludes lbo wel! known irli ts - Sam Hurt the grest Huidle and Bareback Rider ; Philo Natlians, thePrincipal Act Pcrloviner and CUssical Euuestriañ ; Chi. R mts. the great 2 and 4 hbrae rider ; The Denzer Boothers, the most startlmg arTl oriïinals Ácrobats and Perche Performers-; JamM Ward, the Great .American Hnmorist aml Extempore Clown Vendi LeSiear. Tremaine, Monsieur Frank, Augusto ÍSimoni, James Beatón, Henri CUrence Liermont, Üustiavebuici-ow.andalargeand alargeand ellicieut trouwe of Vaullers, Acrobats, ïuuiblers, aud TheStud of Horses is compoaed of the flntst English, American anJ Arabian Tborough-breeds, highly Trinefl anrt magnificently eaparisoned.and 'he Krogramme of the Arena will comprise all the elegant, sensational, tlu-illin" comie andentertainingnoTeHiea cf tbeday. The wnole of these magnifleent attrationa will be exhibtted in tliis place on Saturday, the 2,th day of June 1863 nmler One Enormoas Pavilion, foi Oue Prlce of AdmUsion, whioh ootwithstaadiog the enonnous outlay atïendant upon auoh an ünprecedeuted Combination, i ixed at the low Bgure of Ouly to Cents. Cbildren nniler 1" vears 25 Cents. Performances commence at 2 and Ti P. M. The Grand Processton will enter towaatal o'eloek A. M., preceded by The Gigantio Hippopotamus draVnbya Team of ilephant, followed oy A T. Atwood'B Opera Band, The Extensive Circus and Troupe of Artists Together witli all The Gorgeoua Paraphernalia of the Metropolitan Combination. C. H. FAKNSWORTH, Agent. C09w2 Ring Mastei Kquestnan Manager.


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