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Talk Of The Pickets Before Vicksburg

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"tablo talk, ".and havo found soine of it very spioy and amusing, but I doubt whether any would prefer it, rcfined as it is, to the "picket-talk" before Vicksburg. Our lines are withia a few hundred yards of those of the rebels, and as a ravine intervenes, it is necessary to throw out pickets on the side of each hill to prevent the pos3Íbility of a Burprise. By mutual consent neither side fire on the otker's guards ; and, as they eannot fire loadon ones, they amuse thernselvea by shooting pitby, wordy bullets at eaeh other. With the two armies as an audienca, thoy keep up the tioisy battle the whole night through. Here are some specimens : Federa] Picket - "I say, beeesb, Lave you anything to eat ovcr tbere ?" Seoesh- "Plenty." Federal - "What's the use of lying, now ; come over here and get a cup of coffee." Becesli - "Confound you, you come over and get Vieksburg." Federal fouud that a stumper. Another : Seoesh- "Holló, Yanks, why don't you make another charge on us ?" Federal - i'It'í against our principies to charge on prisoners.''1 An Iriahman on duty the other night was taunted by the rebels about the ilötiexplosion of our shella, when a shell frooi the l6th Ohio Batte.ry burst immodiately over the loquacioua secesh. " Blast ye," cried the Irishinan "stick that ia your haversaok, aud stop ycr jaw. To this etegtet speech no answer anwas returned. Quite an excitement was raised a few nights sídcc by a deop voicod privato ín our riÜe pits calling out as follows : " Attention, baUaiion ! Order arms Fixbayonetsl Shoulder arms ! Charg bayoneta ! Forward, doublc quick." - Just at this juncture an entire volley o musketrv from the rebels greeted ou pits, It was dark, and they tliought a i charge was being made. As soon as tho report of the discharge had diod away, our hero criod out, as if to a regiment ; "Whyaro you waveriug there? Forward ! I say fvrward " Auother volley carne rattling over the ir heads, when, having carried the joke far enough, tho boys feil to shooting at the excited rebels, and oeused ónly whon tho piekots were put out. - Army Correspondence. _____ jrisg' Modesty proraotes wortli, but coiTeeuis it; jupt'as leaves aid tbc growth of fruit, and hide it f rom view. YL Timo is the bell-ringer of tho UnTverse. Ho strikes tho hours even - ■ esontly ho will peal the chimes. fG - .- ■- !et," as L35" " CaugUi iü lier ou the man said wbeD ho saw oue of tlie fan aex hitcliod in her crinoline.


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