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Throw It To The Dogs

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heuaewife will tbrow her cheap, worthleis kinds of ealeratus and soda to the doga an} age only the Chemical Saleratus, %í jrilj not be jso much jellor, heavj fo$ ánd tiseuií to be scen, and conec[uently not so many dyspeptic, ailing persons. Get a papar and if it does not ííüit, your monoy will be refunded. id?" " He made a few desultory re■owks," said the schoolmastor. Mr. Partington stopped suddenly in the bustlo ihe was raaking around the table for ', and gazod over her speos thought. fillj at him. Leaning on a píate edge ise, as if to enforce her views by the 'upport it gave her, " I suppose it was kecause he was weak," said she, " but Atrí's Pills will cure him. I never knew 'em to fail. They are very solitary ín uch cases." ''Really, mada.n," re plied he, "I cannot guess your meanÍDg.' "Yon said dysentry," eaid she laying down thft ninfa and outting a spoou in


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