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The Great Victory

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The Army of the Potomae, nnder Gen. Meade, fought tho nrmy of Gen. Lee at and near Gettysburg, Pa., on Wednesday, Thursclay, and Friday of last week, July lst, 2d, and 3dr and won a glorious victory. The rebel' army fled on Friday night, leaving their dead and wounded on the field. The rebel loss is variously estimated. The Baltimore American runs it up thus : "The rebel loss in killed and wound ed can hardly fall below 12,000 or 13,000, which which will swell their total loss up to 25,000, or one third of the total of 75,000 men tliat Lee brought over the Potomae with him." Federal loss in killed and wounded not vet known. About 3,000 prisoners wero captured by the rebels, but paroled. Lee'8 army went in the direction of the Potomao at Williamsburg, but the river is very high, the bridges destroyeti, his army pressed, and another battlo may have already takeu place in the vicinity of the Antietam battlefield. Ie is confideDtly hoped that but a small portion of his army tv'.'U escape into Virginia. In another column will be foufid graphic accounts of the battlea of Thursday and Friday. The'defeatof Lee and the capturo of Vicksburg is a hard blow at the rebellion, and we trust is the begioning of the end. SS" The gallant24th Michigan In fantry was nearly destroyedin the firs day's battle at Gettysburg- Wednes day, July Ist. Their losses are re ported : Officers- Killed, 5; wounded, 16 missing, 3. But 7 officers and 101 men reported for duty after the battle. Privates- Killed, 22; wounded, 178 missing, 170. Among the wounded were Col. Mor row, Lieut. Col. Flanigan, Major Wight, Bergt. Major O'Connor, Capt and Adjutant Rexford, and severa Captains and Lieutenants. Capts. ü' Donnell and Speed were killed, also Lieuts. Dickey, Walree, Humphrey and Shattuck. We learn Irom Lieut. Dodsley, who was wouuded in the left shoulder in the first of the fight, and who reachec his home in this city on Wednesday morning, that Col. Morrow and the other officers and men wounded and taken prieoners that do-y were re-cap tu red on Saturday morning when the rebels were driven from the town. The unwounded privates taken prisoners were paroled on Thurstlay, befo re the recapture of the town. jL3T We go to presa at too early an hour - Tbursday afternoon - to give anything of the proceeding of the Alumni Convention held in our city yesterdoy, to consider theremoval'o Dr. Tappan from the Presidency o{ the University. -We think the reiusal to open the University Chape] to the Alumni on thie occasion was not at all caktilatec to conoiliate so respectable a portion of the itizens of our State, and a portion every way interested in the prosperity of the University, and entitled to express thcir opinión; and further, tbat it was very small business, whoevr is responsible for it. t" About löjflOO rebels under Price and Marmaduke attacked Helena, Arkansas, on the 4th inst., and were repulsed with severe loss- estimated at about 1,500. Federal loss about 100. Gen. Prentiss expeoted nnother attack, but had received reinforeemonts and was ready.


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