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San Francisco, Aug. 18. Tho St. Louis brings, via Acapuloo, dates 22. Forey was issuing dccrees daily. ï'rèhch and Mcxican newspapers were urging the recognition of the Southern Confederacy. They state that France will récosniae tlie Confederacy. Tlip' Triumvirate Pronunciamiento says the Northern States are for Juárez, and the Confederacy for a Mexican monarcliy. Uverything looks to the immediate recog ni-tion of tbe Confederacy by Mexico. Guerrilla -fighting was going on on the roads leading to the City of Mexico. Mexicana make no prisoners, but slay all. This is a war of exterminaron. ïhere were nutnerous assassinations in tbe City of Mexico of sympathizers with the French. ïhe triumvirate goTernment is daily imprisoning and shooting persoüs refusing to take the oatli of aliegiance to the Empire. Mexicana were publicly flogged for refusing quarters to French oíficers. Á Mexican lady, named Rubie, received 200 lashes for refusing to receive Frensh officers into her house. Her husband offered to pay, as fine, her vreight in silver, but Forey insisted on making her an example. Fovey declined to remove 'to San Louis Patosi an offer of Juarez's to protect tlieir transit. Arrived, I8tb, the Brother Jonathan, frora the Nörth, with $140,000 in treasre, from Portland, and $63,000 from Yictofia.


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