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Rebel Battle Flags Captured At Gettysburg

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rictory as weïï na Us solid advantages rest with the Union, cause,, after Lee's Pennsylvania campaign. On the 8th inst. Col. Shriver arrived at Washington with thirtij one Rebol battle flags, captured in the great battles at GeUysburg, Pen-rv. Severa! of them bore Latin motioes, while the masa were a plain red ground, with the cross and thirteen stars. One was a silk flag with tbe stars and bars, with the names ofi the battles it had beeu carried through; another silk öag of the cross pate-ra fiad a rising sun in the centre with a liatón inscription. Seventeea of them had theïr regimcntal mraks on, viz. 7th, 22d, 23d; Sth North Carolina; I3th Alabama; lat, 7th,.94h,.3ei, two of the 18th, 14th, 28th, 56tli, 58d;.aAS8 Virginia. One flag had its régimen lal mark rippod off beibre it feil iñtS' our hands. They are more or less bloody and torn, scveral of thera having been carried since the first Buil Run battles. ïhxjy were exhibited for a short time in the yard attachod to the War Department.


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