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Death Of Captain Lind

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John 0. Lind, of Company I, Fourteenth Michigan Infantry, lied ut East Soginaw,on Saturdny last, the 8th inst., after a long and painiul illness, caused y disease contraóted while in the service'of his country. Captain Lind was ormerly a resident of Ann Arbor, where he learned the printing buisnesg, which however, he soon nbandoned, and commenced the sttidy of law, being adnitted to the Bar of' Wnshtenaw about hree years since. Although not posessed" of a rugged cnnstitution, he enteredtheFourteenth Regiment aa Lieutenant. and was subsequently promo ted to the 0 iptaincy. The toils and arivations of active service proved too severe for him, and he was compelled to retire, and, after a lingering illness, died as above stated. He was a sober, ionest and opricht young miin, and ieaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his early dcath. - Free Press. JCST During the draft in the Fourtecnth Ward, Philadelphia, a few days ago, an incident occurred that gare rise to much merriment. In the crowd thero stood a palé faced Irishinan, with his hands crossed and his arma bebind his bick. He gazed intently at eacb uaine drawn from tho wbeel of destiny. He had not been board to Lpeak a word to anybody. Prcsently be appeared to be opcratcd.upori by somo unseen galvanu battery. During his spasm he exclaimot in an F sharp tone : " Whirl it round ! whirl it round rouse it, will ye ! " shouted the man. - He was evideutly iu a state of dread sus pense. " What's the matter with you ? " said the Provost Marshal. " Oh, be jabera, turn it round a doz en of times, for the man you drawed las is my next door neighbor l'l At this point the universal laugh carne in.


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