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The New York Rioters

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Y. Pmt, savs seventythree indictmuntB have Ihus lar been prosented by the Grand Jury affaitist persons ccncerned in the riots. Of this number, five pereons have been found guilty, two of them on the charge of r.ioti.ig; two have been eentenced to Stato Prison for fifteen years each, and ono for ten years. The others were remanded. Ponr ndrcted rioters have pleaded gurlty and becn senteneed to rinprisonment for ono year, and one for two years. morning Jamea MarshaH wa aente-need to prison for ten years lor participating in the attack on the rvegro Jackson at pier No. 4, North Rlver, ou the 15th of July. 13JF Mrs. Partington saya she can't understand these market peports. She can understand how chese can belive]y. and pork can bw active, and feathers drooping - that is if it'a raining; but how whisky can be steady, or hops cyiite, or spirits dull, sfe' can't see; neither hw lard can be firra in warm weather, nor vroo nnsettkd, nor potatoes depressed, nor flour rising, unless it was sponged - and sometimeá it would not then. L3L" At one of the stations on the Acquia road, where tho subsistence was recoivcd and delivered to the Army of the Potomac, a very faithful man was fatally injured and died shortly after. - The öomniissary wrote the following epitapë, which marka tho spot where he is buried : Here lies the body oí Micíxiel Farrell Who lost his life in. rolling a barrell : Life is gweet, but he gave up his existenc In furnishing thearmy with useful s.bsistence.


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