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Union League Secrets

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A eoTtespondent, of the Oliio State Sentineï, wtro assumes to have penetrated to the odious mysteries of the order, sends tlie followiug as a portion of the nstruetions g-iven to the nitiated : When you first moet a meaiber, present your left hand and say : " How are you, Major ? " Answer. "' Comfortably "well." " Are you a member of our Union League ? ' Answer. " Prove me," " How shall I prove, you ? " Arswer. " By positions." Here comes in what might be oalled a comruand, for the person asking the ques tions above set forth says : " Take positions, and ['11 cali them." The person who aaswers the quentions then raises his left hand perpendiculariy over his head, at whieh time you say, "Washington." He then drops his arm to a horizontal position and you say, "Jefferson." He then drops his hand on his left thigh, and you say, " Jackson." He then raises his left hand to his breast, and you say, " Union." He then joins the thumb and third fiuger of his left hand ; at this time you must also join the thumb and third Snger, as he does; then both of your hcuds meet, and you put your thumb and third finger inside of his and you say, " League." All this is done in a shorter time than I can teil you. When a niember ia going into the lodge, the password at the first door is "Eternal Vigilance; " at the second door, "Is the Price of Liberty." When a member enters the lodge, he salutes the üresident by holding up his left hand forefinger. When he leaves the lodge he holde up his right hand two forefingers. When a Union League man pets into a fight at night he cries out, M I I." If anv of the brothers are around and willing tn assist him they cry out, " What, what," JjJS" " Pompy, what for the President gays free American of African descent?" "Wliy, Juliu, he means dat free American African hab de scent which de other American habn't got ! " fe The Abolitionists of Millersbnrg, Ohio, made bonfires over the death of Mr. Crittenden. ii ■■ '■' 1 ITST A negro undergoing an eximination, when asked if his oiastcr was a Chnstian, replied : " No wrf Le's a meinI br of OoDgress.1


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