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A Hundred Years In Prison

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is u long term oí penal service, more than equivalent to imprisonmont for life. lint it is an actual sentence alreadv pronotineed and in process of exer.ution upnn the tnob that filled New York wit li aoxiety, peril and confusión only tive weeks ago. Nin'een persons have been convictetl, in the Court of General Sessions, of pnrticipating in the riots. The asgK'gate term of' the sentences pronounced was 94 years, afid an average of five yoars to rioter. The teFBM varv from fifteen years to one month Fines to the amount of $500 were alto imponed. There was but one aionitta), and in that case it was proved that the man had been dnigged into thb not and thut he )eít it i s woon as he cou'd eRciipe. In one case the jury die not agree. The number of indictinents now pending is larga, and thecomphtinls already made give proinise of nn im inense business when the Courls sits again in üctober. JCS" ' Xsn't vour bill awlully steep' iniji.ired a ppendthrift o( his tailor. "You ought to know best, for it was run tip by yon,' was the cool reply:


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