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A New Measure For Lager

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long since, the keeper of a lager beer saloon was arrested upon a charge of selling intoxioüting drinks without a license when he attcrupted to prove that the Teutonie beverage was uot an intoxicating drink. A number of witnessess who had arnply tested ite qualities, were called, one after anotber, until finally an oíd Germán tiaraed V , took the stand and question was propounded to him : "Do you consider lager beer intoxicating ?" "Veil," replied W , "ash for dat I gan't zay. I drinks feefty or seexty glasscsh a day, and it never hurtsh me; but I don't kow it would pe if a inan was to niake a hog of hiaself." E5P Blackberries are the onlyhixury of he soldier at present. Yirginia is one vast blackberry field and it is said in co.isequence of living on thisdiet the army never was in botter sanitary condition. The surgeons say that eince tho army lias returned to Virginia, the free use of blackberries has saved the Government nearly a million of dollars in medical and hospital stores.


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