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The Battle Near Chattanoga

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ClNCINNATI, Sept. 21. A special to the Commsrcial gives the followiug account of Saturday's figbting : Tlie battle upened at 11 o'clock, iu the vicmitv of widow Glenn's on the road leadiüg frcin McLamore s Gave to Chattiinooga, 'lid soon became geueral, the eneiny maiiOBuvering troops linely. Early n the aetiou the rebels made an impotuous charge on the famous Lootuis' Haitery. Fivc out of six Parrott guns were captured. Captain Van Pelt, cotnnianding the battery, was taken prisoner at 2 o'clock. The contest was terrlfic. The roll of musketry was more continuous and deaioning thao at Stone River. 2 o'clock 40 Minutes P. M. The división on ihe centre was hard pushüd :nd broken, and retreated in disorder. Col. IWrett plantod a batterj and soon cbeeked. the pursuing euemy, Vrho, in turn, werc driven iii disorder over souie ground. Davis' división was driveu back with heavy loss. Every gun of the Eighth Indiana was captured when his forces rallied, pushed the enetny back, and retook the guns. Reynolds lost hcavily, but stubbornly held his position, driving the enemy, but never leaving li is line. Palmer, who was overwin' inod, faücd to get oÖ' his whole batten e, two guns lost. Van Cleve fihting gallüntly, lost ground and overpowered, failed to regaiu his f'ormer line He was presed severely and wavered. - The rebels exulting over apparent success inmie the air resollad with cheers. Tliey adv:uiced alnng the whole line, where a withering firo of musketry rollcd frora right to lelt, and till five o'clock fighting was terrific. The General grew anxious. ' he wourded pour in and thereOelssteadily move up uear his headquarters. New forces were opposed to tnera, and froia this till dark the battlo raged with destructi"e fury. At dark, firing having almost ceased, the enemy threw forward fresh troops and again engaged our right. Action became general and until long after dark raged with iury. The battle thus far was a bloody one. Our loss very heavy and prisouers say boiuo of their regiments are almost annihilated. Both armies oceupy eame ground as when action began. We have captured several huudred prioners, many of whora are from the east. We took ten guns and lost seven.


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