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LÍUSAXNE, ÍWITI'lll. IMi, Oot. Ptll, 1-63. Dear Arous :- Old ocean crossed ; EnglanJ- with its cultivation, its never consing activity, its old castles and cathedrals and ita birth-pluces and great mea- pasged through ; Scotland- v.ith its Lorcond and its Katrine and its Trosachs, with its Edinburgh and Glasgow, contres of learning, repositorios of great men- leiL bebiad Ireland- the Rföat and fertilo lele, a paradise of nature, but a very heil f or man, where ten thousand beggars swarm the roads and fill tho villages- glaneed at; Franoe- with its great hoart, Paris, bsating to the tuna of gayety, life and learning- traversed, aud I ontered the laod of inouutains, the nuvsed child in tho lap of the Alps and the Jura- happy Switzerland. It is a pleasant thing for au American traveler, who hails from the North, afier meeting the insults and rebuffs of a majority of the English people and theEnglish presa; after seeing nothing but exaggeration in favor of the Southern, and nothing but lies to the injury of the Northern causo: nftñr mnpntprl endeavors to beat into udividualJohny Bulls the idea that our cause wasjust and deaerved their good wishes ; and, (oo, after experieneing the uncertain friendship oí the FrenchraaD, who is plotting, plotting, plotting, for his la belle France - to enter Switzeriand, and feel that here do aristocracy, or deapotism rules, to deride republican institu-, tions and laugh at republican ideas. Within her fortiticationa of mountains, vvhich all Europa fcars, Switzeriand stands firra, an exaraple of liberty mid slavery, of a republio mid de6potism, an Amonca mid Europe 1 Her two and a half mülions of people toady to no aristocracy, bow to no king ! Her govemmeat is the copy of our own, and her constitution is almost its reprint. We carae frorn Paris hither. What a contrast did we see ! Paris is held by a strong military de?potim. Soldiers parade its avenues and guard its palaces. They are Louis Kapoleon's pet toois, and he dresses them in brilliant uniform, aod filis their stornachs with food and wine, and builds for them a palace adjoining that of the Tullenes itself. Fine plaj things íor a monarch are 700,000 Boldiars ! Switxerland has no standing array ; her people are her soldiars, and when they war, they war not for ambition, but for liberty. In Paris, the Boulevards - great streets, straight aa an arrow, and all convergng at one point- have been constructed by this same crafty Napoleon, so that cannon, placed at their convex, could sweep the whole avenue, should the revolutionary spirit of '89 once more seizo the French ponple. And moreover the very paviug stones are made to givo vray to a cement pavement, so that no material for barricsdes would be at hand, sbould the people require it ! In Switzerland, however, thero is no distrust between rulers and ■ rt S %- I rt T r i i-i t .i A 1_ - pcujjiö, uetaiiau iue ruiers are the servante of the people, and to the people they owe their positions. In one, justioe is administered, baoked by bayoneta ; in the otber, it is administered, backed by public opinión. In the one, the people are the claves of a rutor in the otber, the rulors are the servants of the people. Louis Napoleon is France; the Swiss people are Switzerland. As bright and as glorioua as did Mont Blanc, wifch its sunimit of purest snow, appear to me, as I entered Geneva on the mo'rriijg of Sept. 4th, so bright and glorioua do the government and inatitutions of the Swiss seera to rae to tower above those of the nations aboat it. On our way to Lausanne, our party was recognized as Arnericans. A company of Swiss men, etrong, stahvart farmers of Swiss soil, were in the car with us. One of therajtouched the shoulders of Dr. Eaton, of New York; vvho was one of our party, and asked him in the French tonguo if vo wore Americana. The Dr. replied in the affirmative, and added that we were frotn the North. "DuNordr "BuNord?" exclaimed the sturdy freomeD, " Vive le Nord ! " and he grasped tha hand of the Dr. with the utmost entbusiasm, while his good countonanco was kindled with joy. Upon another occasion, Mr. E. D. Holton, of Wis., another of oui party, while attending a Fair dinner at Columbier, at which were some of the leading men oi Switzerland, was called tore6pond to a toast on America, and every allusion whioh he or the othor speakers mado to our government, was received with viva upon viva, while the wine flowed freely, and many a bumper was druuk to Amarica. Think you not that these incidents move the heart of an Amorican ? You need only to have been in England before the battle of Getlysburg, and to have met the general opinión against us, wbbh pervaded nearly all society, and to have feit your cheek blush at the indignities h.eaped upon us by the press, to realizo the joy which thrills our hearts dow, and the devotion and kind foeling of Switzerland towards our country and our causo. America has the good will of the Swise to-day ; and I consider it of moro mportance to have tho good opinión of the hberty-loving yeomanry of tho Alp?, each man of whom is as freo as the native ebamoÍ8 that roarns the mountains, than to gain . the friendship of England, or Franee, or every monarchy of Europe ! Who is not acquainted with the growth of tho tree of Swiss liberty ?_ The three cantona, Uri, Unterwalden and Schwyz were its great trunk. It had been free frora remote antiquity, and when Albort of Austria attempted to eut it down, Teil and the men of Waldstatter sprang to its detense. The tree, thu9 Dourished, gradually put forth one branch after anothor. Lucern and Zurioh, and Berne, and Zug, and Glarus were mighty lircbs vvhich bood adorned the tree. Nor did it grow in pcace. Storms from without assailed it. The Frenchmau, and Austrian, and Germán, and Itaüan, eaeh atternpted to undermine it. But it bravely met and strongly warded off their attaek. Then, too, worst of aü, like the American tree of similar species, it has had the canker worm in its own bosom. - In 1848 it gnawed at the very heart of the tree, but the latter purged itself of the viper and became stronger than ever. Aud to-day it stands with twenty-two branches, and its great heart at Berne, a tree of beautiful foliage and noble fruit. May the American tree be likewise blessed of heaven ! And novv, in tb beautiful city of Lausanne, with the waters of the clear, placid Leamaa, and the forms of the snow-tinged AIps as a panorama, I hope to spend a few months amid the people and the country which are deserving of American love. F. W. B. fÜT" The great Northwestern Fair is now in progress at Chicago, having opened on Tuesday. On Monday and Tuesday last the Central Railroad sold half-fare tickets, or rather tickets to go and return - good during the entire week - at one price. Next Monday and Tuesday haïf-fare tickets will also be sold, good lor return passage up to and including the Night Express train of Nov. 8th. Now is the time to visit Chicago. S3E" Gen. Rosecrans has arrived at Cincinnatti and met anenthusiastic reeeption. In his response to the welcoming speech, he begged his friends to withold all censure of the admiuistration, and to accept the change in bia fortunes aa for the best. He is meekly resigned to the intrigues of the politcian3 at Washington. E3ÊT' The draft was commenoed in the several Congressional districts of the ötate - except the first - on Tuesday, aüd has progressed " quietly " up to thia time. In the first district it was postponed until November 5th, We have seen do reason assigned for grantjeg this delay to tho first district, and only guess that it was for poïitical reasons - the Detroit charter election ocourring nest Tuesday, and it beiug thought advisable not to " rile " any of the faithfuls by a peremptory cali to " shoulder aruis!" J3L" Sinoo our last there has been muoh skirinishing all around the " eapbush," and that's all. Lee is on the Rappahannock, or somewhero else, and Meade is supposed to be watohing him. Nothing has broke loóse at Charleston, yet, At Chattanooga our forces still hold their own - though reported on short ra. tions. And we, Micawber like, are waiting for somethiitg to turn up, that we rnay teil of it. --44 -4fr kMh- - 8" It is not often that we come in contact with an article that we feel jnstifiied in recommending to our numerous readers, but the article of Family Dye Colors, raanufactured by Howe & Stevens, adrertised ia this day's paper, we feel we can heartily commend to all wlio may have use for dyes of any colors. - For sale by all druggists. I M I ,


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