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Did it ever occur to the reader how ittle, very little we take note of the day as it rolls around. How many thousands and thousands of changas aro going on in our mulst in that 6hort spaoe, of which we know nothing and which we nevur give tbought to. - How mauy ups and downs we meet. How many revolutions wo pass through and how quickly we can be wheeled about f rom one to another. Poor, bnstling creatures that wo are; to-day, we frot and fume, like so many bees in a hivíi. To-morrow our labora are turned bottom side upwards, and all our eflorts provo a failure. The wheel of fortune rolls on, strikes our neighbor Jenks f'airly in the pocket, and giae - fully skipping over us leaves us in the background to ponder on the realities of hard work and meiigre means. In consequente of Jenk's good luck, he cuts us. We inwardly blaat him ; vote him a bore ; tbank Fate we are relieved from his acquaintance, and swear a gulf as wide as Mexico between ua. To-day we are seized wilh that most horrible of all i lie, the blues! Lord, how wo feel ! Our spirits are in a condition to snap up, and at everybody and at everything we meet, and our ansuers to a civil ijuestion are aven with a snarl, similar to a dog with the distemper.-In such state oí leelir.g thé chances are two to one that we stumble across a female acquaiutanee who has a long story to relate, to which of course we must give ear, and necessarily screw our face into every conceivable shape to forcé a smile and belie the sectimonts within. We retire to rest, fretful and cross, spite.ful at everybody, and can find nobody upon whom to vent our wrath. comes, our lis are forgotten, and we go about our business as cheertul as a boy m quest of h3 first pair of boots. And so the world moves, ever changing, now up, dow down. It bas ever been so since Adam first saw the litrht of day, and probably will continue thus until the last tiurnp sounds to cali us to our final account. We, too, are heedless, un kind, and ungenerous. How many a poor soldier ia breathing his last farewell to earth on the field of battle or in the hospital building, and yet thegreat cold world f'ei;ls it not, or even gives it a second thought. When the Dews of a great battle reaches us and startling bulletins announce great victories won, how loudly we rejoice and cry " Long live the Union arrny." Eut when the lists of the killed and wounded are presented - when column after column of the dead are piled up before us, " Frightful ! '' we exclaim ; and in one short day the heartlcss wovld has comparativefy forg&tten the tallen héroes. No, the leaders live on and on in monurneuts of n.arble, their fame and heroic deeds are imprinted in the pages of history, and littlo children learn to lisp their names, but the poor fallen private vani.shes from the mernory of the world,


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