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Arrival Of Marshal Forey

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-The J renen frigato Panama öfrlved at Now Tork on Friday evening from Vera-Cruz whenceshe sailctl a week or two since, having ua board Marshal Fori-y, the chiefof the French expedition to Mexico, under vvhose comraand Puebla waa taken and the capital of the republic entered. D3E" A special to the World says Secretary Seward, in answer to a requeit asking permission to raise men for the service of Juarez's 3Iexican goverument, saya euch permission cannot be given, and any ono engagiDg in it would be prosecutcd with all practicable diligence. 13F Gov Qillmore, of New Hampshire, has issuud a proclamation, caliing upon the peoplo to respond to the proclamation of the President for three hundred thousand volunteers. The quota of New Hampshire uader this cali will be 3,768 mon. $rgr The rebols hold a3 prisoners at Richmond 9G0 army officers and naval officers, viz : One Brigadier, Neal DowC'l ; 14 Colonels, 2ö Lieutenant Oolonels 27 Surgeons, 58 A.ssistant Surgeons, 28 Majors, 246 Captains, 264 First Lieutenants, and 297 Secoud Lieuteuants. VW Hon. Pierre Sonle has been appointed a Brigadier General ir, the Confedérate Ármy, and ordered to tako the field. GF James L. and AdelbertEarl father and son - belonging to the liith Michigan Infantry, both feil on the bloody field oí Chickamauga. An AuoLmoN Opinión. - -Senator Wilson gays "an honest poor man who eannot raise $300, had better go to the war." EF The strongest man feels the influenco of woman's gentlest thoughts as tlio mightiest oak (uivora u tho euftest breezü.


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