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The Argus For 1864

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The expenses of currying on business have increaeed so enormously within the last two years, Ihat we find it absolutely necessary to make a change in our terms - both in subscription and advertising We have been furnishing the Aitaus at old rates, but artioles of food and clothing have attaiued sueh priees that it is absolutely inipossible for us to do so longer and support our famity. We have tried the utmost eeonomy, but have failed to make the "two ends meet." Two years ago the $1,50 we got for the Auüts would buy us 15 yards of cotton cloth, it will now buy 4. - Other artieles of dress - both for men and women - have increased, not in the same proportion, but largely. In artieles of provisión, coffee is about three times the old price, and sugars from two to three times. Farm Produce of all kinds, f'uel, &c, &c, have also largely increased in pricc, so that while we have been kecping our paper at the old rate, the expense of living hasfully doubled. And, aside frotn the expenses of living, the increased price of paper and printing mateml of all kinds, makes our paper ready for ddivery, cost us third or one-half more thaa . two years age, while we get the same for it, and that same will buy us nothing, or near to nothing, in the market. Any of our subsoribers can soon demónstrate mathematically that we can not stand this longer. Now, for the remedy. After the first day of January next, we shall charge $2 a year for the Argds, and not a name will be entered on our subscription book without the pay in advance. Subscribers who have already paid for the Akgus for the whole or part of the comiDg year, will be furnished at the oíd rate for the time paid for, and new subscription will be received up to January lst at $1,50 in advance. Subscribers in arrears can secure the paper for 1864 at $1.50 by paying up all arrears to pkiok Januari lst, and a year in advance. After January lst all those in arrears will be charged $2 a year both for the past and future. These terms we shall strictly adhere to until prices of other articles go back to the oíd figures. Frotn and after the first of January our rates of advertising will be increased 25 per cer.t from our present published terms, and advertiseis should take notioe accordingly. At that date a new scale of prices will be placed in the proper columns. We hope that every subscriber will see the necessity of this action, and by niaking iminediate settlement aocomodate both themselves and us. In addition to this announcement we have only to promise that we sïiall endeavor to make the Arous worth the money we ask for it. If our subscribers are prompt in paying their dues we shall be able to do better by them than we can, if compelled to spend time from day to day in making out and running around with small bilis that should be given to the paper.


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