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Gov. Letcher On The War

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Gov. Letober's message to the rebel jegislature of Virginia has the followDg: " Look ut the picture on all sides nd it presenta hnpcful and cncouragng features. If we are onlv true to urselves, to the cause and to the eounry, we cannot be overthrown. Is there man who doubts the result of the truggle ? If there be sueh a one he s a traitor at heart, who deserves to be nathematizedor cast out from among ns. No Stato has been more loyal, more faithful, more devotcd. None bas contributed more liberally in means and men - none bas bared their breasts more boldly and defiantly to the storm, and notie bas sant her troops to the horvest of deatb with more of the aolf sacriticing decisión, than the commonwealth of Virginia. Sbe enlisted for the war, after full considerution, and a just appreciation of all the eonsequenees which were to follow the separatiim, and sbo will be true to the end. Sbe will nevelene for peace, because sko did not bring on this war. Sho will never ask for eompromise, as she only struggles for her rights, for libeity and independence. She will as becomes the mother oí States, stand up boldly, and hurl her scorn and defiance in ibe face of her foes until they come to our terms. She will never consent to a treaty of peaco which diemeinbers her own territory, nor will she consent to a treaty which does not recoguize fully the Soulhern Coniedcracy. She knowa wliat is due to her own dignity and charactor, and she knows what is due to the (oufederacy, and her duty will bo performcd with scrupulous fidclity. Knecling] around the altar of tticir country, her sons will swcar allegiance to her and fidelily to the Confedérate government, and their prayeis will ascend to Heaveu fiir blessinge on Virginia aöd kbe


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