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After Long Years

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From tho Lady's Friend. Do you retnernber that far-ofí day lts sliadow, and wind, and rain, When Anna, Philip, and you and I, All met, bui never again "! The scattering drops feil drearily, The wind liad a, sobbing tone, Eut what caïed we l'or the chilling damp, Or the storm king's ceaseless nioan 1 Our lives were young, and we heeded not The cloud's funereal pall ; This'earth to us was a i'airy land, The glamour waa over all We had met, as only strangers jneot, But a little while before, Aud soul unto soul responding, knew A friend for the evermore. Lit with a radlance from within Were the eyes which answered mine And faith was the spirit's talisman Which made all the wörld ashine. So we talked, as youth will ever talk, When Hope plants the coming way, Till its snnny margin shines as white As the hawtho'rn bloom in May. Time and again have the snow-drifts lain Where our feet that August stood Time and again has spriug's tender green Gladdened the old gray wood. Day following day, and yeai by year, Have gone with a stilly tread ; And joys have blossomed, as faith foretold, Whije Qt}s?rs lie crushed and dead. ypr the hills- thoso grand, blue creqted Is a stretch of rolling land ; [hills - For valley, njeadow, and rocky stream Are i'orests on either hand. Once more together, face turned to face, 'Mid the gold of sunimer's prime, Our thoughts go back to the long ago, The beautiful, olden time. The olden time, for the paths -whiuh theu Were parted. we thought for aye, Through slanting sunshijie and dey.y bjoom Run parallel to-day. So I lay my liaud in your trne hand, While your eyes looking in mine, As mine in yours, see the perfect faith Which makes all the world ashine.


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