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L3L" The November number of the North Briii-ih Review has the following papers: On the Ancient Glaciera and Icebergs of Scotland Tlio Seaforth Papers ; Recent Geographical Discovery and Research; Pet Majorie ; Clerical Subscription in the Church of England; A Voyage to Alexandria and a Glimpse of Egypt ; The Scotch Universities' Commission ; Harold Hardradee and Maguas the Good ; England and Eiirope. J3 a year ; with the olher Reviews and Blackwood $10. - Address Leonaed Scott & Co., 38 Walker Street, New York. KtS" The January number of the Ladies' Rtpository comes laden with promise that this favorite with lovers of a healthy literature will not fall a wint behind its proud reputation in the year to come. lts leading engraving is a beautifully designed and executed portrait plate of " The Signers of the Declaration of Independence," accompanied by au editorial sketch of of the great event and the individual participators. This alone is worth more tlian Ihe price of the uumber. Then there is a beautiful landscape, and a gem of a vignette title page, and a raried, readable, and instructivo table of contents. - Now is the time to subscribe. $2.50 a year. Address Messrs. Poe & Hitchcock, Ciucinnati, Ohio. Ey The December number of Blackwood's Edinburgh Magaxine has : The Boatman - Poem by Pisistratus Caxton ; Tony Butler -Part III.; Tyndall on Heat ; The Navies of England and Franco from a French Point of View; Chronicles of Carlingford ; Personal Idenüties; Tho Wigtown Martyrs; Books on the American War ; The Invitation; and the Index. This number completes the volume. - In another column will bo found the prospectus of Blackwood, and of the four Review re-printed by the same firm, for 1864. - Theso Standard publications are furnished by the American publisheis at ratos so much bolow thoir cost abroad that the American reader is highly favored; Attentiou is invited to the prospectus, and especially to the terms. premiums offeied, reduced rates ot postage, &c. Now is the time to subscribe for the new volumes. JKgT The Legislatures of both New York aud Ohio eonvened oa Tuesday. Musical. One of the iutereating muaiciil eveuts of the season is the oompetition in instrument, and thd auccess that has attended the exhibition of Bradbury's Piano Fortes at the severiil fain reeently held. This success ia the more remsrknble from the tact that a new competitor for public favor has alwaya to conttnd with ihe prejudices of those who are interested in keeping ilieir old favoritea in the front rank; and it is only when the intrinsic merits of a new instrument nre so apparent ns to render oppoaition to it hazardoua to their professional reputalion that it eau get d fair atait. This has been tha opening year for Bradbury'a instrumenta, and thus far with the following result : ] , Firot prize at the New Jersey State Fair at Paterson , II. First prize at the New York Stat e Fair at Utiea, III. Firat prize at the Ohio State Fair, at CleTeland, IV. And now, at the Fair of the American Institute, in thia city, it bas also been awarded the first prize. There wsa a large number of fine pianos in thia exhibition, and tbe managers of it devoted to theni the largett and most promiuept space in the njain huil in the Academy building. Among these tlie beautiful square piano contributed by the manufneturer, William B. Bradbury. maintained a first place, being rcmnrkable for power, brüliancy, richnesa, purity and cquality of tone, conibined with deiicacy of touch, strength of frame and general excellence of mechauical manipulation. This piano has Mr. Bradbury'a new and iraproved acale, wliieh is now rteeiving the highest commendatioii8 from first claas musical authority, as well aB the public gene rally. L. M. GottRchalk, the eminent composer and pianist, after a most thorough and scrutinizing trial, says : "1 have examined with great care Wm. B. Bradbury 's new acale piano-fortes, and in my opinión they are very superior instrumenta I hare eapecially re n,arked their thorough worknnanship. and the power, purity, richneas and equality of their tone. I recommended theee instruments to the pnblio in general, and doubt not of their succes." Tliis opinioa, we are assured, is fully concurred in by Messra. S. B. Mills, Maurice Strakosek. Williarn Mason, Max Maretzek, "W. Berge, Henry Sanderson, Ge3. W. Morgan, Challes Grobe, Tlieo, Hagen Charles Frodel, John H. Iokler, Clare W. Beumes, Charles Wells, Robert Stopple and Theodore líoelling. a galaxy of musical experts, wíiose united and favorable opinión could only be secured for nn artiole of great inlrinsic value, in their specialities. This piano has nn iron frame, overstrung bese, and every real modern improvement - It ia constructcd of the best thorougli-seasoned malcriáis, and its ontward finish is second to none. We are informed by the managers that Mr. Bradbury did not manufacture tlus instrument eepecially fov exhibition, but that it was taken promiscuously from his general stock. The public are alrendy indebted to Mr. Bradbury for his labora aa a compoaer of cliurch and Babbath school music ; but it would eeem that his succese in thai department is lo be eelipsed by the honors thrust on him in his new sphere. - New York Evening Post. P. S. - Sjnce the nl-ove was written Mr. Bradbuiy !)as received thrce more prizes: - one from the Pennsvlvania StateFair at Norristown, Pa.; onu from the Indiana State Fair at Indianapolis, Ind ; and one from the Illinois State Fair at Deealur, 111. I'he6e eplendid instruments jan be scen at thü wareJiouse of Henry Whittemore, Detroit, Mich.


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