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A Letter From Castle Thunder

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Ehe. follówing is an' extract of a letter froin Junus H. Browne, (nee army correspondent' oí Uie' New York Tribune - now a prisoner at Castle Thunder, Richmond). He was capturcd along witb two other army corrospondents - Richardson of the Tribune, and Coleman of the World - in 4pril last, on a tugin the Mississippi River, duriug the siege of Vioksburg and Port Hudson - Coleman, as may be reroembered, haviug been permitted to return home. Here is the extract. " "Castle Tüxdsr Richmond, Va., ) Saturday Afternio'n, Doe. 19, 1863. $ Mï Deak C : Once more permit me to return my thanka for your most frieudH ofiïces, and to assure vou of my appreeiatibn of your favors. Kn'ox sent Richardson $200 in Confedérate curréncy, a week or two since, and coneecuently we are very well supplied. Both he and I have abundance for all immediate uses ; so you need not trouble yourself to send us mere, f we want aDy turther financial aid we will not hesitate to jnform you. Our friénds in the North are very knd. They 4ave 'dené all 'they qould tó secure our freedom, and, failing in that, have' exerted themselves to the utmost to render our captivity comfortable. For prisoners, we (the Boern tesy, I mean) live quite lusuriously - far more so, I dare say, than most of the fortúnate families in Richmond. In our appoiutments, provender and surroundings we are the purple-robed patricians of the of the prison. We have been tattered and torn (and hungry, and may be so again) but not recently. We are epicureaus now, and have a number of retainers at our tahle almost dily. We have grown dainty and beeome voluptuous peripatetics - Assyrian members ot the can't-get-away fraternity. We have good books to read, fine èigars (o stnoke, high philosophic themes to discuss, and a "Castle" for our home 1 Queer castle! Singular home ! Do welike'it ? I will not answer. Place yourself in our position and faney how happy you would be. We are resolved not to be miserable, and, we wont bo either. We are philosop'heri boh, and laugh at adversity and the misfortijnes oi war. , 'The health of my collaborateur and myself is good. We have tried to take every disease and taken none. Even the small pos reopea.ted is ; proabiy be cause it would have nothiug to do with fsuch a pair of Yankee abolitionists. - Saints, you know, are never ill. "We have concluded to spend the winter in the South, and have some idea of a permanont residence here. Eich. sends much love to you, and I offer you the best romains of a very qld and wornout heart. Yule et lenedicte. " Rich," spoken of is Riohardson, Browae's colleagie.


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