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The Students' Lecture Association has not )eea very fortúnate so far this season in the chotee of its lecturers. We are glad to know, however, tliey have engagenients made which will please our lecture-going citizens. Geace Greenwood, popular both as a writer and lecturer, is engaged for Monday evening, Jan. 25th. The subject of-her lecture, " Lights of the War-Cloud," will draw upon her richest vein of fancy. She will draw a house. Joas 15. Gougii, an orator whoso fame is established in two continents, will fill au engagement on Saturday evening, Jan. 30th. - His subject isuot yet determined. but will probably be " Peculiar People ; " but whatever the subject it needs only the announceme-nt of his name t $11 he largest hall or church in our city. Prof. Agassiz, tho most difitinguislied Naturalist of the Aae, we imderstand is engaged fór two lectuves, saio time in February. It will be his firsl visit to our city, anti we are confident large audiences await hitn. The Eev. W. H. Mileukn, better known as the " Blind Preacher,"Li expected to addiess the Association some time next week, evening not yet known. Mr. Milbl-kn has the reputation of being one of tho most eloquent speakers in the country, and we trust that our citizens will not fail to give him a hearing-


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